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10 Mild Outdoor Activities for Recovering From Injuries

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 10, 2017

   5 min     


Injuries are not just physically distressing but mentally too. They limit us from performing activities that we took for granted before. Staying indoors for a prolonged period of time especially while recovering from injuries is even more taxing.

Though injuries prevent us from doing anything that can hamper the recovery or cause further harm, there still are certain activities that you can indulge in to keep yourself from getting bored!

In case you are housebound, you can enjoy indoor games like chess, snakes, and ladder, watch movies, listen to music, read books, chat with friends, cook, do a craft, and many such activities.

But nothing refreshes the mind and body like fresh air and sunlight, especially after battling an injury.

There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can indulge in without tiring yourself out or causing your injury to relapse. Listed below are ten such things.

1. Begin your Outdoor Excursions with a Walk

This is a perfect physical activity for anyone recovering from any kind of injury. It can be undertaken anywhere and at any time. Also, you do not require any gear to do it except proper walking shoes or comfortable sneakers!

You can begin by walking on soft earth before you tackle the hard surface.

  • Walking regularly is beneficial for your health otherwise as well.
  • Walking strengthens the muscles of your torso, hips, legs, and feet to maintain your body’s upright position. Lying in bed for a long time in a particular position to alleviate the injury affects our spine. Walking helps to increase the spine’s stability.
  • Walking increases the blood circulation in the body. It nourishes the soft tissues while the toxins get delineated.
  • Adding a bit of stretching to walking after a while, helps to loosen the wound up muscles thereby improving the body’s posture and flexibility. This widens your range of movement and reduces chances of further injury.

Tip: you can begin walking with a friend to avoid boredom and have a companion in case you need assistance, or you can enroll in your local walking club!

2. Cycle Away the Inactivity

In case your injury does not prevent you from it, you can cycle slowly on a smooth paved surface.

It is especially beneficial for your neck and back. It is less jarring than other types of aerobic exercises like jogging.

Advantages of riding a bike include:

  • Bike riding improves your body’s overall endurance and lower body muscle strength.
  • It is not a weight-bearing activity, so it does not put any stress on your knees, hips, or spine.
  • It is a perfect conditioning and cardiovascular exercise.

You can make use of a stationary bike in case the weather outside in uncooperative!

But remember, to avoid rough and uneven terrains for biking, especially as you are still recovering from an injury.

Choose the bike according to the terrain you will be riding.

Ride with a straight lower back; it will prevent stress-related injuries in the area.

3. Swim against the Injury

Swimming is another great exercise with several therapeutic benefits. It is especially good for your neck and back.

Because of buoyancy in water, the spine feels no stress. In fact, swimming removes stress from the bones, muscles, and joints of the body.

Water keeps your body afloat and allows free movement removing the battle with the gravity of the situation!

To relax the muscles and tissues you can try swimming in warm water.

Using hydrostatic pressure from jets can help improve your circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Swimming in sea water or lakes is not advisable till you are in peak physical health. Also, using jets or warm water for swimming should be done under expert supervision.

4. Do Asanas to Balance Your Physical and Mental State

Yoga makes your body more flexible, gives it core strength, relaxes your body from outside and within, and relieves stress.

The soothing combination of meditation, breathing, and slow physical movements help your back and neck especially.

With yoga, your muscles get a chance to stretch which increases the circulation and allows for better detoxification of the body.

5. Exercising Your Green Fingers

Contrary to popular belief, gardening is a very labor-intensive activity. You are either bent at your waist or sitting on your toes under the hot summer sun.

While recovering from an injury, you can’t be this aggressive physically.

What you can do is devise alternatives. Instead of planting in the ground, use raised beds and containers.

Adapt to the activity as it accommodates your mobility issues.

6. Color The Sky Flying a Kite

This is another fun activity that you can indulge in while recovering from your injuries.

Giving your kite a flying start and the concentration and effort it takes to maintain its upward swing exercises your complete body.

Kite Flying

Doing it in a group is exhilarating and adds to your socializing skills!

7. Fish to Stay Healthy

Fishing engages your entire body.

It pulls on your legs, core, arms, back, and shoulders giving it a total workout in a single catch.

With your injury, you can start by fishing for small fishes that don’t require so much of your strength.

Fishing Workout

Remember not to tire yourself out and to do it under supervision.

8. Do The Hoola Hoop

Another fun yet healthy way of getting back on your feet is to hoola hoop.

It tones your body, improves its coordination and flexibility. Doing the hoops reduces stress and combats depression too.

9. Sand Play

Running and walking barefoot on the sand is good for you. Several sportspersons run on the sand to improve their physical fitness.

You don’t need to run, walking alone would help you.

It provides strength to your body in addition to providing balance to your movements.

10. Paddle Boarding

Another low intensity, power, and fun packed outdoor activity is paddle boarding. It helps to improve your strength, balance, and core stability.

Because you get to play in the water, it freshens up your mind relieving you of stress and anxiety.

Do remember to consult your doctor before you begin any of the mild outdoor activities for recovering from injuries.

Also, choose the physical activity in accordance with your current physical condition, capability, and doctor’s suggestion.

It is widely recommended to avail physiotherapy to recover from injuries. You can now availphysiotherapy at home from Portea.

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