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Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 14, 2017

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Home care is care at home for those who are in need of medical attention. It may be of great benefit for the elderly, people who are chronically-ill, disabled or for post-surgery care. Health care facilities at home typically include services such as:

• Delivering or cooking meals.
• Personal care that involves washing hair, giving a shower, assistance in daily needs.
• Homemaking such as laundry and cleaning

Why should you choose home care over hospitals?


Home health care worker and an elderly couple

Here is a list of reasons why home care can be better than nursing homes or hospitals, when given an option.

The amount of time spent in the hospital is considerably reduced

When someone is not feeling their best, they tend to crave for the comfort of home and their families the most. They want to remain in the sanctity of their home and the joy of having your family members support you through this time is priceless.

Home care reduces the chances of hospitalisation

Providing early care at homecan reduce the risks and probability of getting hospitalised. The care provided enables one to remain healthy, both physically and mentally. It provides the care of a hospital and the added benefit of staying at home.

Care at home helps enhance healing

Studies have shown that receiving care from home enhances or promotes the healing of a patient. It could be possible because of the extra comfort of home and the personal touch to your care from your family members that play a vital role in making your mood better.

Home care minimises or eliminates the risks of coming down with an infection

One of the biggest risks of hospitals is the chance of acquiring nosocomial infections (infection acquired at the hospital). When a person is ill, their immune system bears the brunt and it is the most opportune moment to acquire an infection. It is difficult to avoid an infection and it mostly depends on the caution that is taken by the healthcare institution. In addition to this, since the use of antibiotics is more frequent in hospitals, the bacteria causing an infection may be different than the ones normally found in the environment in terms of resistance. This can be avoided with home care.

Home care allows flexibility and freedom for the patient

The patient has the flexibility to move around and do house hold tasks that his condition permits. In hospitals, one is confined to his own ward or his own bed. Being at home ensures the patient has the freedom to go about small chores; this in turn brings back some amount of normalcy in the life of the patient. This allows better healing and better mental happiness in the patient.

Continuity in medical supervision is achieved

In hospitals or other healthcare facilities, the doctors monitor your condition only during the time frame where you happen to be admitted there. After which, no such supervision is done. If you choose care at home, you will always have your family doctor supervising your condition at all times or in regular intervals. This provides a humungous advantage over hospitals.

Home care is tailored and personalised to the needs of every individual

In home care, the care you receive is one to one, which provides health as well as emotional benefits. The patient and their families have the liberty to choose their care givers when it comes to home care, post which, the care giver is allowed to interact with the patient and allows them to form a personal bond. Distractions are minimised in home care as well, when compared to institutions.

It is financially advantageous

This can vary upon the condition of the patient, but in several cases, it is seen that home care is cheaper as compared to the extended treatment in any healthcare institution. The extra charge of bed and other facility charges are dismissed in home care as it is very well present at home.

Home care reduces the risk of rehospitalisation and the requirement of emergency care

Studies have shown that receiving home care after an episode of hospitalisation reduces the chances of getting hospitalised again.

Home care is known to extend life

Home care is seen to be great for physical health as well as mental health. Physical as well as spiritual longevity is attained.

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