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10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Are Consuming Daily

Medikoe Food n Health Expert

Medikoe Food n Health Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 13, 2017

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A few cancer risk factors, such as genetics and atmosphere setting, are out of your control. But, study infers that around 70% of your lifetime risk of cancer is within your endowment to correct, including your diet

Choosing a healthy diet regime can play a vital role.

What you consume—and don’t consume—can have a dominant effect on your health, including your risk for cancer. 

While research directs to relationships between specific foods and cancer, rather than substantial cause-and-effect associations, specific dietary habits can have a significant impact on your risk. For instance, eating a conventional Mediterranean diet abundant in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil can lessen your risk for a variety of specific cancers, including breast cancer. Avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol, attaining a healthy weight, and doing regular exercise are all significant measures for preventing cancer. Alternatively, a diet that incorporates a daily serving of processed meat raises your risk of colorectal cancer 

If you have a record of cancer in your family, planning small changes to your diet and habits now can create a big difference to your long-term health. And if you’ve previously been diagnosed with cancer, having a nutritious diet can help better your mood and restore your body during this difficult time.  

There is nearly a spate of superfoods, which are praised for being the best choices to prevent cancer. 

But what about those foods which could be presenting you with cancer! 

The carcinogens existing in nearly all processed foods contribute to several types of cancers. And what is even more of a horrendous is that cancer could be the outcome of all these foods which you might be consuming daily. The rest of the article concentrates on presenting you a trail of 10 such foods which could result in being the main culprit behind cancer.                               

Canned tomatoes

While fresh tomatoes relish the privilege of being ‘cancer-suppressors’, their canned or packaged equivalents are quite the reverse. Bisphenol A is the chemical that is utilised to secure the lining of nearly all the canned foods. This is, in turn, a significant grantor to cancer. According to researchers, BPA affects the functioning of the brain in rats. The acidic content of tomatoes lets the BPA dribble from the lining into the tomatoes themselves. This causes canned tomatoes completely unfit for children. 

Genetically-modified Organisms

It goes without stating that GMOs have no rightful place in any cancer-free diet, particularly now that both GMOs and the chemicals applied to grow them have been determined to begin fast tumour growth. However, GMOs are everywhere, including in a lot of food derivatives made from regular corn, soybeans, and canola. But, you can avoid them by holding certified organic, certified non-GMO foods, and locally-grown foods that are cultivated naturally without the use of biotechnology. 

Processed flour

Refined or processed grains don’t hold their original nutrients. The high glycemic index of white flour makes it to inflate insulin and blood sugar levels if devoured over a period of time. This raises the chances of diabetes while feeding the cancerous cells as well. 

Sodas and other carbonated beverages

Excess consumption of sodas makes an individual exposed to a stroke. Being packed with sugar, sodas are nothing but bad calories that end in weight gain, adding further to obesity. These carbonated beverages might also point to insulin resistance in the body and physical inflammation. GERD is another affliction linked to the excessive consumption of beverages. The artificial colours and food chemicals of the sodas make them one of the most dominant cancer-causing foods.

Hydrogenated oil

Some of the vegetable oils include high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids. Though Omega-6 fatty acids are usually regarded to be good for your health, any surplus can actually be contraindicated; heading to a few types of cancer, especially skin cancer and other heart diseases. Try on getting the absolute mix of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty fish like mackerel and salmon are excellent sources of Omega-3. The fact behind hydrogenated oils is that they are frequently used in the preservation of concocted foods. These oils usually change the flexibility and structure of the cell membranes; something that is so closely associated with cancer. 


Seeing those popcorn bags, you could never presume just how critical could they be for your health. PFOA, the chemical that is utilised in the lining of the popcorn bags, is one of the influential causes of infertility in women. As per research, PFOA drastically raises the risks of acquiring kidney, liver, bladder, testicular and pancreas cancers. 

Potato wafers

This everyday, cheap and delicious snack has been connected to diseases and conditions, which aren’t confined to just weight gain. The trans-fats and excessive levels of sodium add to obesity and increased blood pressure, sequentially. Just like the other evening junks, potato chips are no less when we talk about preservatives, artificial colourings and flavours. Moreover, frying these wafers at high temperatures ends in the making of the carcinogen ‘acrylamide’, something familiar to cigarettes as well. However, given the clear availability and market reach that these enjoy, it’s usually tough to not give in to the lure of snacking on them. Should that be the case, it’s considerable to get yourself a pack of corn or tortilla chips as it has low fat and sodium content. 

Refined sugars

Apart from increasing the levels of insulin in the body, processed and simple sugars are also comprehended to tip off the process of metastasis. Long-standing analysis has demonstrated that both cancers and tumours employ sugar as their leading agent to support them feed and grow. Sweeteners plentiful in fructose such as HFCS (High-fructose corn syrup) are also blameworthy of doing the same. It can be concluded that pastries, pies and all other sweet processed foods are things one should surely avoid in a bid to remain fit and cancer-free. 

Processed meats

This is truly a pretty long list that incorporates, but is absolutely not restricted to, bacon, sausages and hot dogs. The high chemical and salt content is something that makes processed meats a complete no-go. The chemicals and preservatives, including sodium nitrate, which are used into the production of such meats, are known carcinogens. 

Any diet food or frozen foods

Foods which have a label on them as ‘diet’ or ‘low fat’ are foods you should positively keep off your plate. This is because, aspartame, the artificial sweetener is utilised in all of these and is associated with the onset of several cardiovascular disorderscongenital disabilities and certain types of cancer. 

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