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  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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“In a world busy yet full of luxury, a sedentary lifestyle is unknowingly attained by any inquisitive person. Uninformed and ignorant, she walks the pursuit of unhealthy habits and conducts.”

Such ill tendencies often result in accumulation of belly fat – one of the widespread accelerators towards heart disease, diabetes, depression, lower back pain and other physical and mental maladies.

Thus, it is important that one looks at the workouts meant to dissolve fat from the core of your body leading to a healthier physical and mental well-being.

One of the first regions in the body to gain and the last to lose fat is the lower abdomen. But with a properly followed workout and eating habits, it can be dissolved.

Following are some lower abs workout anyone can do and lead a healthier and friskier life:

1. Reverse Crunch


 A well-known lower abs exercise, it is also one of the widely practiced leg exercises while lying down.

With your back on the ground, lie on the floor and spread hands straight to your sides.

With knees bent a bit, lift your feet such that your legs and feet are in a straight line pointing upwards.

Lift your butt and tailbone off the ground slowly by pressing your lower back on the floor and extend toes towards the ceiling. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Scissors Crunch


The scissors kick work mainly on the transverse abdominals and hip flexors. Though, there are a number of other muscles being benefitted from the workout.

Lie on the floor with your back on the ground, with hands, legs, and feet aligned straight with the rest of the body.

Raise your left foot and point it upwards with the other leg resting straight on the ground and perform a crunch by slightly lifting the upper body. Switch the leg.

The exercise can be repeated 10-13 times. It is one of the lying down exercises for weight loss which fares well for the outcome.

3. Flutter Kicks


Lie on your back with hands underneath the glute muscles for lower back support. Lift both the legs above the floor by a few inches and kick legs up and alternatively.

Being the foremost of laying down leg exercises, this workout is quite easy and handy for lying leg lifts.

4. Plank


Lie face down with forearms on the ground and slowly lift your body assuming the posture shown below.

In this posture, glutes are tightened and abs draw in. Hold yourself in the position for a while and with a flat back and tucked chin, slowly return to the ground. Repeat for 10-12 times.

Though the key muscles affected are the abdominal and back ones, Plank exercise is an all muscle static workout and one of the important asanas in yoga too.   

Plank has a number of benefits apart from flattening and toning the abdominal muscles:

  • It improves your stability, power, and posture
  • Leads to you standing and sitting straighter
  • Helps in lower back pain too

5. Roll Up

                                                             Roll Up

The roll up exercise for abs can be performed on flat grounds or on your bed too. Lay down with your legs stretched straight and arms stretched straight as shown above.

Inhale and steadily lift yourself with hands straight above the head, keep bending forward and try touching your toes with your hands forming a C curve. Exhale and go back slowly uncurling into the lying position again. Repeat the steps.

The feet are to be kept on the ground while curling and uncurling.

Some of the key features include

  • Easy to perform and need no equipment
  • Much more effective than the standard crunches
  • One roll up is equivalent to six sit-ups.
  • Stretches your back and strengthens your core
  • Involves a number of other muscle fibers

6. V – Sits

                                             V sits

The starting position involves sitting on your bottom with feet lifted and the core engaged by belly button being pulled into the spine. Slowly lean your upper body backward with arms and legs extending straight out.

Staying in the position for a while get back to the starting position. Repeat 4-6 times.

The knees have to be straight with your legs extended as you go back and forth. However, if it becomes too challenging, you may bend your knees and raise your upper body. Here’s a video for following more precisely on V-Sit workout

You may try v sits on the bench too.

7. Russian Twist


Sit with bent knees on your bottom. Lean back your upper torso by 45 degrees. The core gets engaged.

Extend your arms out in front of your chest and sit with a flat back and straight spine. This goes to the starting position of this particular workout.

Twist your torso slowly and with control. Your shoulders should be rotated and rotate them as far as is comfortable for you. Get back to the starting position slowly. Repeat the process for the other side.

To make the workout challenging, you can lean back further and extend your legs further so as to balance the upper body.

However, the back should be kept straight, and all the movements should be controlled to avoid injury or back pain. Avoid over-rotating and rotate as much as is plausible at the moment for your body.

Follow the video for How to do a perfect Russian Twist –

8. Full Plank Twist


The starting position is the plank position.

  • Slightly bend your elbows
  • Bend your left knee
  • Move your left knee in the direction of your right elbow.
  • Return slowly to the plank position
  • Repeat with your right leg

The workout can be repeated for 3- 10 times.

9. U-Boat


The boat exercise for abs is a simple and painless movement which works considerably in reducing the lower belly. Following are given the simple yet powerful boat exercise steps.

Sit on the ground on your bottom with knees bent, feet and palms lying flat on the ground. Lean backward supporting your upper body on the elbows as shown.

Lift your legs to form a 90 degrees configuration with thighs. The knees should be touching. With hips staying on the ground, trace the letter ‘U’ with knees keeping the legs at 90 degrees to the thighs.

Thus, if doing so changes the height of the joined knees with legs moving accordingly while still being at 90 degrees configuration; it implies that you’re doing it right.

10. Army Crawl


Get into the plank position as explained before. The army crawl exercise is done better with gliders beneath the feet. Move forward about five steps using your forearms and then move back.

The plank position should be held stable. Also, legs should be kept straight.

This exercise can be done 4-5 times with the one forward – backward cycle being counted as one.

The main army crawls exercise benefits include the development of core strength and stability as the workout is a rigorous one performed on one’s toes, imitating the movements of a commando and hence the name.

11. Elbow To Knee Crunch


Get in the starting position as shown in picture ‘A’. Your back should be flat with the ankle of one foot lying over the knee of the other as shown.

The head is supported using hands as shown and the shoulders are lifted off the floor with an attempt to pull out the elbow to opposite knee crunch, i.e. the right elbow is touched to the knee of the left leg and vice versa in the next go after having returned slowly to the starting position.

12. Bear


The exercise is best suited with gliders. Get into the plank position.

Hands being a feet distance apart and directly beneath your shoulders, press on the gliders to bring your knees forward, in the middle of your hands and hips; the width being around 4 inches in front of the hips.

Push back on the gliders to attain the starting position. Repeat. The core (abdomen) should be kept tight throughout the practice. 

Stubborn belly fat can be the cause for a number of physical and mental ailments. While visceral fat is a byproduct and a stimulator too of depression, it has many other harmful effects which show up when left unattended in the long run.

The workouts given above are mostly equipment free or require gliders at most in two cases and thus can easily be practiced.

The benefits of working out extend beyond just having an appealing physical look; working out is a great brain stimulator; running helps create newer connections in mind and boosts creativity too.

Choosing to exercise as a part of your everyday life is one of the best choices you can make for your mind and body and when it comes to the lower abdomen, it’s the first part of the body to get affected by any ill changes or additions in lifestyle.

Thus a well-toned core signifies much more than physical beauty, it signifies a healthy physical and mental being.

So, be wise, and exercise.

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Ett Gff
Ett Gff |  October 31st, 2017

Fitness is very very important