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13 Early Signs Of Cancer In Men

Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals

  Old airport road, Bengaluru     Feb 18, 2017

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Many men’s cancer signs can mimic symptoms of other diseases or conditions, but it’s important to know your body and see a doctor about these or any unusual pains or other changes occurring in your body. Cancer is among the most common causes of death in adult males. While a healthy diet can decrease the risk of developing certain cancer, other factors like genes can play a larger role.

Cancer diagnosed at an early stage would be treated early, and there would not be any chance for cancer to conquer your body. Knowing early symptoms of cancer can help you seek early treatment to better your chances of survival.

13 Early Signs of Cancer in Men

1. Lumps in testicles

Did you notice any mass or lump in your testicles? If yes, then you must get it checked by a doctor. He/she may perform a physical examination or other tests such as ultrasound or blood test to rule out the cause. It may be testicular cancer. So, be cautious of such changes in your testicles.

2. Blood in Stools

Do you frequently notice blood in stools? Then you must consult a doctor as It is the most common sign of bladder cancer, kidney or colon cancer. However, hemorrhoids or UTI may also cause bleeding with stools. So, confirm with your doctor the cause of the symptom.

3. Changes in The Skin

You may find a sudden shift in the size and shape of your mole or any other spot on your skin. Then you must for sure visit your doctor. New spots and changes in the skin would be a sign of skin cancer. Do not wait until it gets worse. Your doctor would order for a biopsy which diagnoses any abnormality if present.

4. Difficulty in Swallowing

Is it difficult for you to swallow? Are you also experiencing unusual weight loss or vomiting? Then visit an oncologist who will do necessary check up for detecting throat and stomach cancer. You will be ordered for a barium x-ray or throat examination for confirmation.

5. Masses in Breast

Do not get confused. Men are also the victims of breast cancer. If you find any lump in the chest, you would right away need a checkup. It could be genetically acquired or due to any exposure to harmful radiations. So, never neglect, call your doctor immediately and let the lump be tested.

6. Severe Back Pain

Prostate cancer has the capability to spread to the bones and cause symptoms such as a persistent backache or pain near the hip region. Many cancers do not showcase their symptoms until they spread to different parts. So, be cautious and report to the doctor immediately as soon as you find such symptoms.

7. High Body Temperature

Did you know that fever is good? Yes, fever is a signal that your body is fighting an infection, which means your immune system, is active. But if it stays for long and doesn’t have any reason, then you must get yourself checked as it may be due to leukemia or another blood cancer.

8. Feeling Fatigue

Fatigue caused due to cancer would be a deep one. You may not feel ok to perform even the basic activities. It is different from a normal exhaustion and you would feel the day to be very hectic. In such cases, consult your doctor for screening you for cancer.

9. Changes in Urine

You may have trouble with your urinary tract system as you grow older. However, certain symptoms such as incontinence, urinary leak, urinary urgency, and straining during urination can be the symptoms associated with prostate cancer. It is good to consult a doctor if you are facing any of these symptoms.

10. Burning Sensation in the Chest

Symptoms such heartburn can mostly be reduced by changes in the dietary habit, drinking habits, and stress levels. If the symptoms still continue, then you would need medical intervention. Heartburn could be a sign of stomach or throat cancer.

11. Swelling in the Lymph Nodes

If you notice any suspicious swelling near the neck, armpits, or places, do not worry! It is an indication that your body is fighting against a sore throat or cold. But at the same time go and get it checked up because it may be the symptom of certain cancers.

12. Persistent Coughing

Unusual coughing can be an early sign of lung cancer. Do not neglect it expecting it to be the sign of smoking, cold or any allergy. Most importantly if coughing is accompanied by blood, then it would be surely the symptom of lung cancer.

13. Unusual Weight Loss

Did you notice any sudden weight loss? Are your clothes getting looser day by day? Then be cautious, although it always cannot be the sign of cancer. But unintended weight loss may be the sign of cancers related to pancreas, lungs, or stomach. Consult a doctor who would order a PET or CT scan to find out if the weight loss is due to cancer.

Be ready to conquer ‘CANCER’, by getting it diagnosed in its early phase. Early detection of cancer helps in saving your life. Understand the symptoms and report them as early as possible. Believe it! You have medical experts to cure it. Do not ever give up!

“The best protection from cancer is its early detection.”


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