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3 Ways to Deal With Backache After Childbirth

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Backaches, the worst of all aches that make you cringe and steal from you, your sleep and your peace. Backaches during pregnancy and after childbirth are quite common but instead of taking care of it, mothers neglect it. Moms put themselves second to the needs of their child and more often than not, the backache worsens. Soon, this pain transforms into long term, chronic backache. Curing the backache then is very difficult if not impossible.

Here are 5 things you can do to rid post pregnancy backaches:

Try Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy applies massage, heat treatment and exercise into healing aches and pains rather than medication. Putting pills down your throat for the littlest of things makes no sense and physiotherapy proves to be the healthier option. What’s more? Physiotherapy is extremely effective with backaches and in many cases the backache completely disappears.

Going to the hospital for physiotherapy can be a hassle with a baby at home so, why not give the Physiotherapy at home, a try? Physiotherapy at home is all the rage right now and Tinystep recommends Portea. Portea brings trained physiotherapists right to your doorstep to help you say bye bye to that horrible backache.

Correct Your Posture

Sometimes we don’t realize this but have bad posture. This elevates the backache further and makes it difficult to heal. Be mindful of your posture and sit erect and upright. Make sure of the following:

  • Your chest should be elevated
  • Your neck straight
  • Your shoulders at ease


Adopt yoga and you won’t be disappointed. The poses and postures allow you to stretch and this promotes circulation. Eventually, all aches and pains will subside on practicing it, everyday.

Drink plenty of water and try to keep physically active. Do not ignore aches and pains as they will grow to a point where they are unbearable. Pills are not an option as they wreck havoc to the liver. Seek help at the right time and bid farewell to your backache in no time!

You can now download Portea’s mobile app to book physiotherapy sessions on the go.

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