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5 Homemade Healthy Desserts For Your Loved One's

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 15, 2017

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Desserts make the majority among us go weak in the knees. They are almost like that warm rug on a cold wintry morning. It is certainly like the best icing a cake ever deserves and a spectacular climax to a movie. It’s hard to deny that desserts serve as the befitting end to a perfect meal. 

Indians have the infamous sweet tooth, a penchant for sweets. Not only do they form a major part of the staple fare, but they’re also used for reasons as sacred as worship.

The sad fact remains they add extra pounds, and these sweet fantasies aren’t the best news for your belly fat. Some of the quick and easy healthy desserts are listed below

This Valentine’s week, let’s go on a health tour to find just those perfect desserts which can satiate your sinful sweet tooth, and at the same time aren’t too unhealthy. Here are some healthy hot desserts listed below, These are the 10 healthy desserts that you should not miss on:

  • Baked rasgullas: If this delectable thing happens to be your weakness, then let us suggest a healthy tweak to it. Instead of having them the traditional way (that is soaked in sugar syrup), try opting for the baked variants this time around. Being low in calories, this automatically qualifies as a healthier alternative.

  • Kaju Katli: One piece of this has almost 60 calories, which is way less in comparison to the other popular afters

  • Carrot halwa: There’s no need to put in the additional sugar, as this dessert combines carrots and beets which bring in the organic sweetness to it. Don’t be generous while adding the cashews to it, and you can enjoy bigger servings of it and still not bother about the kilos. Moreover, carrots are a good source of essential antioxidants and vitamins, which bring on the added health benefits.

  • Puran Poli: This Maharashtrian titbit has 20 calories shy of a hundred. If made at home, the ‘besan’ filling can be even healthier. It is one of the healthy snacks and desserts offered in India.

  • Shrikhand: 50 grams of this can rest about 120 calories in your system. However, the carbs and protein content will keep you energized throughout the day so that you get a chance at expending the calories as well.

  • Wheat Kheer: This is undoubtedly the primary favorite of every Indian household. Be it festivities, ceremonies. However, this isn’t the healthiest dessert around the block; unhealthy for the weight watchers and physique aficionados. 

Precisely the reason an alternative in the form of dahlia (bulgur wheat) kheer has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Its high fiber and low-fat content make it a top-notch for a fitness enthusiast. Have this without having to cheat on your diet regime.

  • Malai laddu: The better bet would be buying the paneer and malai laddu, which is pretty low on the calorie meter.

  • Summer fruit desserts: Team it up with fresh fruits and other ingredients low in fat, and you can have your favorite second course without feeling the guilt pangs. The fruits also add some amount of nutrients to your body making it healthy, summer fruit desserts include Caramel Plum Galette, Chocolate-Covered Banana Pops, and Lightened-Up Banana Pudding.

  • Karanji: 50 grams of this can turn out to be calorie-dense, about 225 calories. However, potassium, iron, protein, and calcium are some nutrients this healthy Indian dessert recipe brings to the table.

  • Apple Desserts: Here are some easy healthy apple desserts benefits, Good for Diabetics and Blood Sugar regulation, Aids Weight Loss, Enables Smoother Digestion, Helps Relieve Constipation and Diarrhoea, Protecting bones, Reduces Cholesterol, Boost Brain Power, Fresh apple is great for a Brighter Smile and Stronger Gums.

Here are some healthy Italian desserts that you can try this valentines week. The healthy layered desserts that are listed here are special for someone who’s looking for a healthier option this Valentines.

  1. Tiramisu Shots: This health-conscious makeover of a classic Tiramisu dessert uses silken tofu instead of mascarpone cheese, contains no alcohol, and is served in shot glasses for smaller portions. It's a lower-fat dessert that's simple to make, tastes delicious, and wins big points for presentation.
  2. Orange-Almond Slices: This twice-baked almond- and orange-flavored cookies are wonderful on cookie trays or served with fresh fruit or ice cream. Dip one edge of the crunchy slices into melted chocolate to dress them up for a special celebration.
  3. Grilled Prosciutto Peaches: We love these salty-sweet grilled peaches anytime the fruit is in season. Stuffed with goat cheese and honey, they work as a side, appetizer, or even dessert.

All of us want to be healthy. And without doubt, we are always on the lookout for healthier alternatives. 

If you have any questions like this and want diet tips from the experts, find an experienced and certified dietitian and nutritionist near you on Medikoe.

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