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5 Simple Ways To Eliminate White Spots On Child’s Face

Dr Vivekananda Bhat

Dr Vivekananda Bhat

  Lavelle road, Bengaluru     Feb 14, 2017

   2 min     


Is your child suffering from white spots on their face, or somewhere else? Don't worry, an online search will tell you it’s pityriasis alba, a harmless skin condition that goes away by itself.
If you're sure that it’s pityriasis alba then only follow these tips, because it could be the more dangerous like vitiligo.
Vitiligo, or white patches, affect children and adults alike; they appear when skin cells stop manufacturing melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of your skin and eyes.

Causes Of Vitiligo-

Vitiligo causes in children (and adults) haven’t been pinned down yet.
Here’s what we know: the skin contains melanocytes, which creates melanin. White patches appear when a few of these stop functioning.
White patches might appear due to skin conditions like eczema, or due to a fungal infection. No matter what the cause is, vitiligo treatment is quite simple, even possible without the intervention of paediatrician.
This isn’t a life-threatening condition by any means; certain lifestyle changes are all that you’ll need to enforce in your child’s life to get the patches out of his or her life.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The patches are white in colour and are circular in shape; a few might be irregular too. Their texture is dry, and the skin can become scaly too. Sometimes, your children might experience itchiness as well.The patches don’t tan when exposed to the sun, but might get red.

Treatment For Vitiligo

Some home remedies you can try for the prevention, treatment, and management of vitiligo are:

  1. Make sure you apply sunscreen before your little one goes out—direct exposure to sunlight can cause vitiligo and even skin cancer
  2. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables ensures that the body gets the required nutrients that help eliminate white spots that arise due to the deficiency of vitamin B12.
  3. Keep your child’s skin moisturised; many paediatricians are of the opinion that dry skin is a major cause of white spots in children.
  4. As already mentioned, white patches can appear due to a fungal infection as well. If that’s the case, using an antifungal ointment is advisable; alternatively, you can even use a corticosteroid ointment to get rid of the marks.
  5. The presence of worms don’t cause vitiligo, but deworming might help ease the condition.

All these remedies are meant to give temporary relief, and prevent the reappearance of white spots on your child’s face.However, if the remedies don’t help, consider taking your child to a doctor. 

Here are some of the symptoms that call for immediate doctor’s help:

  • Severe itching on the areas, leading to reddening of the patches.
  • White patches spreading to other areas like the neck, hands, or back

There is nothing to panic, as vitiligo is completely curable. Vitiligo in children is also quite common; make sure to get the spots inspected for risk of other diseases. While there is nothing to be worried about, losing emotional control can be tough on your child. Just stay by their side and fight it together.

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