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Ayurveda - Harmony of Body,Mind and Soul

Dr Savita Kalgaonkar

Dr Savita Kalgaonkar

  Ramamurthy nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 20, 2017

   3 min     


The word “Ayurveda” precisely means the science of life and longevity where Ayur means Life & Veda means Science. It was developed in the pure land of India around 5000 years ago. It is the ancient healthcare system in the world and it mixes the deep thoughts of medicine and philosophy. It has been presumed that Ayurveda has been passed on to humans by God themself. Since then Ayurveda has resisted for the salubrious physical, mental and spiritual development of humanity all over the world. It maintains and fights the ailments through therapies, massages, herbal medicines, diet control and exercise. Ayurveda works as complete health care and lifestyle. It promotes habits throughout day and as per season called as 'dincharya' and 'rutucharya' respectively. Ayurveda has its own eight sections called as 'Ashtanga Ayurveda' through which it helps to fight diseases and keeps them at bay once controlled as well as before arrival of a disease.

Everyone is influenced by certain elements because of the natural composition. Our body is made up of Tri-doshas. Tri means three and Doshas means Humors. A good health in humans means the tri-doshas are normal and there are balance in metabolic, systemic and excretory functions of all 5 senses, mind and spirit. The Tri-doshas are:

Vata dosha- where the air and space elements control

Pitta dosha- where the fire element controls

Kapha dosha - where the earth and water elements control

There are 7 inherent doshas and every person falls into any one of these forms. They are-








Vata leads in Old age, Pitta in the Middle age and Kapha in Childhood. Depending on the season, Kapha leads at early morning, Pitta in the afternoon and Vata late at night. For a good health, everyone has to maintain a balance of their doshas and not intensify it. An imbalance in the doshas is the cause of illness. Hence it is necessary to identify one's body type and pursue the dietary rules according to the seasonal regimes to sustain the ideal health. Ayurvedic treatments help in rejuvenating this imbalance without any after effects. It helps in various conditions like liver disorders, rheumatic and chronic conditions, strokes, mental conditions , muscular dystrophy and many more.

It is essential to understand that ayurvedic treatment is not only having a massage with Ayurvedic oil. However if the massage is not provided with a proper medicated oil based on various personal factors, that can induce a problem at a later stage.

An experienced Ayurveda doctor is required to decide which treatment has to be given with what blend of medicines and oil and it has to be provided by well-trained therapist.

There  are  various  Ayurvedic  Therapies  which  are  roughly

being  divided  into

Shodhana and Shamana which  means  purified  and  palliative

or  soothng  therapy


The shodhana therapy comprises of a process that destroy the contaminated humors from the body.

Example: vamana (emesis/ vomiting), virechana (purgatio), basti (enema), nasya (nasal errhine)and raktamokshana (blood pulling).

The shaman therapy comprises of the techniques that calms the doshas or bring them back to normal.

Example: deepana (carminative/ anti-toxin), pachana (digestive), upavasa (fasting) etc.

Some of the therapies include:



Marma Therapy

Snehana / Snehapana

Different types of Swedana (Sweat Therapy)






Pinda Sweda




and many more

An individual should always take advise from a well qualified ayurvedic doctor for any type of treatment or promotion of health. Self Medication may harm a person if not taken properly.

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