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Benefits of Herbal Tea

Soul Kshetra

Soul Kshetra

  Aecs layout, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   2 min     


Tea is a wonderful instrument for detoxing your body. It provides hydration and helps in keeping cells, tissues and organs healthy. Herbal teas are made from variety of herbs like fresh flowers, dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots. These are teas prepared by adding hot water to them and letting them brew for couple of minutes. These can also be made into ice tea later.

Let's discuss some flavourful Herbal Teas and their benefits:

1.Oolong tea:

It is a traditional Chinese Tea. This tea is partially fermented. It is very useful for sharpening thinking skills and improving mental alertness. It boosts metabolismand causes weight loss it is also useful for prevention of tooth decay, cancer, osteoporosis, and heart diseases.

2.Lemon Tea:

It is a great anti-oxidant Herbal Tea. It Brings Instant Relief from Nausea, Indigestion, cough and cold. It Boosts Your Immune System. The beverage helps in improving digestion and guides towards smooth and flawless skin. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties protect your body from infections. It Boosts Your Immune System & delays ageing.

3.Tulsi Tea(Holy Basil):

It supports detoxification of Liver and kidney and helps in protecting liver and kidney. It has multiple benefits including respiratory benefits, cardiovascular benefits, reduction in stress and attainment of better skin and hair.

4.Green Tea:

It is high in antioxidants, specifically catechins which help fight cell damageGreen tea reduces bad cholesterol. It boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss, green tea has a relaxing and calming effect.

5.Black Tea:

It has large amount of caffeine and antioxidants. Its benefits include lowering risk of heart disease and diabetes and regulating blood sugar levels. It also encourages a healthy immune system andhas anti-inflammatory properties as well.

6.Chamomile tea:

Very useful for sleep and stomach troubles, chamomile can also soothe puffy eyes .It work well as an anti-bacterial mouthwash.


This super spice tea is excellent for lowering cholesterol, fighting viruses, increasing your antioxidants or alleviating systems of arthritis.

8.Jasmine tea:

This tea is combo of Green tea blended with jasmine flower. It is known to reduce risk of heart attacks, develops stronger immune system, and prevents diabetes. Jasmine tea also helps prevent cancer, reduces stress and improves digestive process, lowers cholesterol. It also eliminates harmful bacteria and eases chronic inflammation like muscle aches and pains.

9.Rose Tea:

Rose petals present in this tea are high on Vitamin C whichflushes out toxins from the system. It eases anxiety and stress while fighting effects of aging on the skin.

10.Ginger tea:

When it comes to allergies and colds thistea is a boon. It also helps in soothing the stomach, relieve sore muscles, and lessen the intensity of menstrual cramps. The flavour booster ginger also provides relief in motion sickness.

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