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Body sculpting -a solution to loose fat deposits.

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

  Lavelle road, Bengaluru     Feb 21, 2017

   3 min     

  • Body sculpting involves removal of body fat that is resistant to dieting and exercising in people who are maintain a constant body weigh yet finding it difficult to loose fat.
  • it involves removal of fat from areas like
    • Double chin,
    • Arms
    • Male chest enlargement due to fat
    • Abdomen,
    • Love handles,
    • Thighs ,
    • Buttocks.
  • This can be done Non-surgically or Surgically.
  • We are all born with a fixed number of fat cells and cells store fat that is energy, so fat is either utilized by dieting and exercising to yield weight loss and inch losses which is what causes skin laxity especially seen after weight loss surgeries, or is stored in the body, certain areas of the body like the thighs. inner aspect and arms store fat that is resistant to loss by dieting and exercising.
  • Six Pack Abs Surgery
    Gaining the right dimension of six-pack abs is a dream for men. Today several core exercises and diet plans are followed by the enthusiasts to achieve the desired shape. Different body patterns and other circumstances may often pose a hindrance.
  • If you are unable to get the perfect shape for your six packs or facing challenges in shedding the extra fat, a surgical solution is available to fulfill your expectations. Employing the Liposculpture procedure the surgeon will shape up your rectal muscles to bestow the high definition six-packs you wish to develop. This procedure is for men of all ages and work background. The process is developed after years of research and is completely safe for you.
  • Post Pregnancy Body Sculpting
    For post pregnancy body reshaping, we use the Venus Freeze System that is largely popular among the Hollywood beauties. The procedure is substantially effective for skin firming, cellulite reduction, treating wrinkles. During the Venus Freeze procedure, the patients are exposed to the adjusted radio frequency magnetic field to regulate the proper circulation of blood supply, oxygen, and essential nutrients to the skin, bestowing an instant rejuvenated and glowing skin. This non-invasive procedure is painless without any risk of side effects. The natural healing and cell repairing process is regulated by the thermal reaction regulated by the multi-polar radio frequency of the magnetic fields.
  • So how does one remove this fat without going through the grind of exercising?
    The solution lies in destroying the fat cells which sore the fat-these are called Adipocytes, and once destroyed the fat comes out in form of triglycerides-gets metabolized to glycerol and fatty acids, and this is then eliminated through the liver naturally akin to dieting and exercising.
  • So fat cell destruction or Lipolysis can help one to attain fat loss and better body shape.
    After starting body sculpting treatments at my clinic from 2006 i have had the privilege to undergo training under some of the best doctors worldwide who trained me to attain the best results possible, this included the old traditional liposuction, then came the era of smart lipo-where a laser energy was used to destroy the fat and ultimately came the era of Vaser liposuction, where gentle ultrasound energy is used to destroy the fat.

    It is with great pleasure that I can claim that what we do today is definitely far superior to where I stated of in 2006. With Vaser there is not much pain. Swelling or bruising one would see with conventional liposuction, as Vaser liquefies the fat much more than smart lipo would and this is then sucked out under low pressure to yield better body shapes.

    There is less damage to skin, nerve fibers and blood vessels with vaser which promotes better skin tightening due to new collagen synthesis.

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