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Dental autopsy

Dr Shamaz Mohamed Eiliyah Dental Care

Dr Shamaz Mohamed Eiliyah Dental Care

  Wilson garden, Bengaluru     Jan 30, 2017

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Dental autopsy is carried out by forensic odontologists in order to examine the oral and Para oral and soft tissues.

Armamentarium :

Protective Clothing


Impression Material

Dental Instruments

Data material

Before access to oral cavity one should record all the findings on the face and neck region as it may assist in investigation.

Access into the oral cavity :

This is the first step in dental examination by inserting the skull key into the retromolar area space and twisting it to allow the insertion of mouth prop or wooden wedge will help in opening of the jaws.

Jaw resection :

It is indicated in case of decomposed,dismembered and severe rigor cases.

Maxilla – lefort 1 type of fracture created by osteotome.

Mandible – keiser-neilsons method –just above the third molar the resection is done.

In case of charring of body parts tissues should be reinforced by cynoacrylate,polyvinyl acrylate or clear acrylate as jaws become brittle.

Once the tissues are removed they have to be washed or cleaned. Methods used for this are :

Bleaching and drying with hydrogen peroxide containing 0.5ml ammonia/liter.
Soft tissue digestion by adding specimen to 5litres of lukewarm water with EDTA-100mg Lcysteine Hcl 30mg and Papain 5mg.
The materials are stored by method of freezing, or in fruit preservative solution like Campden solution within a ZIP-LOCK freezer bag.

Tooth status in identification :


Presence and absence

Additional or malshaped

Hereditary conditions & malocclusions

Unusual wear and trauma

Tooth defects and pigmentations

Restorations , prosthesis , etc

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