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Did you know Walking is a common aerobic activity?



  Jayanagar, Bengaluru     Jan 27, 2017

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Walking is a common aerobic activity. It is easy to get in routine with,no special equipment is needed, and can be done almost anywhere. To get the best out of walking, we must walk briskly -- fast enough to makeour pulse and breathing rate increase, but not fast enough that we can't talk comfortably.

Some people start off the day by walking daily, may be  during lunch or after work. We can add up exercise time over the course of a day or week gradually in a week or 10 days period. Walking 10 minutes, 3 times a day is almost equivalent to walking 30 minutes once a day. One should build up his or her own walking routine bit by bit, and aim for at least 2½ hours a week of brisk walking.

Various Benefits of Walking:

  • Walking strengthens your heart

Chances of heart disease and stroke are reduced by walking regularly. It’s one of the best cardio exercises, lowering levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in our body while increasing levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. A 30-minute briskwalk daily helps to prevent and control the high blood pressure that increases stroke risks, reducing the risk by up to 27 percent


  • Walking lowers disease risk

A regular walking habit cuts down the risk of type-2 diabetes by about 60 percent, and 20 percent less likely to develop cancer of the colon, breast or uterus with this active practice as walking.

  • Walking helps you lose weight

Someone looking to shed that belly fat can burn around 75 calories simply by walking at 2mph for 30 minutes. Increase speed to 3mph and its 99 calories, while 4mph is 150 calories. Include that short walk into the daily routine and  shed the pounds in no time.

  • Walking prevents dementia

People in old age who walk six miles or more every week are more likely to prevent brain shrinkage and preserve memory as the years pass. Since dementia or memory loss affects 1 in 14 people over 65 and 1 in 6 over 80, it’s a pretty great idea.

  • Walking tones up the frame

Enhance calves, quads and hamstrings while lifting your glutes/bums with a good, regular walk. Add inclined walking into the routine and it’s even more effective. With attention to walking posture and one can also tone the abs and waist.

  • Walking boosts vitamin D

We all need to get outside and spend more time. Many people in the country are vitamin D deficient, affecting the bone health and immune systems in the body. Walking is the perfect activity to enjoy the outdoors while replenishing our vitamin D.

  • Walking gives you energy

We can increase our efficiency with more energy, and a brisk walk is one of the best natural energizersavailable around. It boosts blood circulation and improves oxygen supply to every cell in your body, helping us feel more alert and alive. Try walking on your lunch break to achieve by the day in the afternoon.

  • Walking makes you happy

Any exercise boosts your mood. Studies show that a brisk walk is just as good as antidepressants and other medicines in mild to moderate cases of depression, releasing the feel-good endorphins while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety. So for positive mental health and mood, walking is an absolute must.

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