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Eat Spinach and Lose Weight

Dt Sheetal chhabria

Dt Sheetal chhabria

  Vasanth nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 13, 2017

   2 min     


The word spinach is obtained from the Persian word ispanai, meaning green hand.

In Latin, it’s called spanachia which finally, evolved into the word we use today.

It’s the overall calorie intake and expenditure that decides whether or not you’ll lose weight. Eating a cup of spinach daily can help, but doesn’t guarantee, successful weight loss. A research published in 2012 in “Nutrition and Diabetes” says that people who focused on assessing total daily calories intake and expenses lost more weight than study participants who focused more on boosting their fruit and veggie intake in their diet. Swapping high-calorie foods with a cup of spinach can help reduce the overall calorie intake.

Calories in Spinach

Spinach is a low-calorie food, which is helpful when trying to reduce your calorie intake for weight loss. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference states that a cup of raw spinach contains just 7 calories. So eating a cup of spinach instead of higher-calorie alternatives, like sweets and added sugars helps lower you calorie intake. Reducing your intake by just 500 calories a day helps shed about 1 pound weekly.

Fiber Perks

Spinach is an excellent source of dietary fiber that aids to boost satiety when eaten instead of lower-fiber alternate options. Further, fiber doesn’t get fully absorbed or digested by our body. While it helps fill up your stomach, it adds little to your total calorie intake. Therefore, eating 1 cup of spinach, instead of lower-fiber alternates like sweets, sugary drinks and refined grains assists in your weight-loss efforts.

Weight-Loss Calorie Needs

Eating 1 cup of spinach as part of aoptimum calorie meal plan will help you shed kilos. Plan for diets containing 1,200 to 1,600 calories daily,to achieve an effective weight-loss for adults. Men often need more calories than women, and active adults trying to achieve weight loss generally need more calories than those who are in low activity profiles.

Daily Veggie Requirements

The amount of spinach or other vegetables one should eat daily depends on the weight-loss calorie requirements. For example, if the weight-loss requirement is 1,200 calories daily, opt for 1.5 cups of veggies per day.And if the weight-loss energy requirement is 1,600 calories, go for 2 cups from the vegetable group daily.Although 1 cup of cooked spinach equals 1 cup from the veggie group its stated 2 cups of raw spinach leaves is equal to 1-cup of the vegetable group.

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Sanjjana menon
Sanjjana menon |  January 23rd, 2017

nice article