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Foods That Can Subdue From Hunger

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 23, 2017

   2 min     

Everyone wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, however due to lack of knowledge or may be your meals are not keeping you full; you are unable to do so and you keep on searching through the pantry and have snacks carelessly. Eating persistent snacks and meals can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. So here is a list of a few foods that can help you subdue from hunger.
  • Almonds: Almonds, the rich source of magnesium, antioxidants and vitamin E. A handful of almonds can help you fulfill the feeling of craving and also can help in their weight management.
  • Apples: Any variety and type of Apple can help you suppress your hunger as they are juicy and tasty. Apple contains soluble Fiber and Pectin which is helpful in preventing blood glucose spikes which urge for hunger. Also apple demands lot of chewing time which helps you slow down and grants more time to your body to realize that you are no more hungry.
  •  Eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein which can help you control your hunger for more than 24 hours, according to a study.
  • Avocado: Avocado has heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fat and is full of fiber which suppresses the appetite if eaten in moderation. Avocado also has oleic acid which activates a brain area that grows the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
  • Nuts: Nuts, not just contain the healthy fat to keep your cholesterol low, but are also full of fiber and protein which discharge their energy slowly into the body. They are also an excellent source of appetite-killing fiber which slowly digests and stays in your stomach longer than the carbohydrates
  • Water: Sometimes the longing for food can be subdued by just a glass of water as it also keeps you hydrated. If a glass of water isn’t fulfilling you then you can substitute it with a fruit or vegetable high in water content like watermelon or cucumbers. People, who drink 2 glasses of water, half an hour before they have their meal, eat 75 to 90 less calories than the people who don’t drink water.
  • Vegetable Soup: A Vegetable Soup which is broth-based can fill you up and satisfy your hunger with minimum calories. You can have a cup of Vegetable Soup before your next meal and you will end up having less in your main course.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal are high in carbs, however the kind of carbs which is there in oatmeal are slow digesting and helps you feel full for longer because they subdue the hunger hormone ghrelin. They are also low on the glycemic index (GI).
  • Vegetable Juice: Vegetable juice has a high vitamin, antioxidant and mineral content which not only raise your immune system but also helps to fill you up. People who drink vegetable juice before their meal, they end up eating 135 lesser calories.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Nothing can beat green leafy veggies to fill you up for hours as they are highly nutritious, high water content and fiber. Kale and spinach, eaten raw or slightly cooked with a little olive oil are really tasty and delicious and helps keep your hunger at bay.
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