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Genetics related to Oral health

Dr. Bibi Halima Shamaz

Dr. Bibi Halima Shamaz

  Wilson garden, Bengaluru     Jan 30, 2017

   1 min     


How do I look ? do I resemble my father or mother

The blossom of scientific revolution in the 18TH and 19TH century saw a revival of interest in heredity 

Gregor Mendel – father of genetics

Laws of inheritance- plant stature controlled by pair of factors one from each parent.

What are genes?

Genes are the biological units of heredity that determines traits in an individual.

“It is the gene and not the trait that is inherited”

Johannsen coined the term GENE


Definition:it is the branch of science that deals with the study of heredity and the inherited characteristics.”

Cytogenetics – This deals with the study of chromosomes , there behavior and relation to inheritance.

What are chromosomes?
These are small rod like structures appearing together as chromatic (a fine thread like structure) material in the nuclear portion of the cells.

                                                                Related image

These exist in pairs (each derived from each parent) Each pair may be equal or unequal ,short arm is called ‘P’long arm ‘q’.

In human beings there are 46 number of chromosomes or 23 pairs.of these 22 are autosomes and one pair is sex-chromosome (XX in females and XY in males).

The chromosomes are made of tiny specific structures called GENES. The hereditary characteristics are passed on from generation to generation by the chromosomes through genes of which they are composed.

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