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Homeopathy for Dryness of the skin

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   3 min     


Dryness of the skin and cracks on the soles and feet are a common problem to persons of any age and any ethnic origin. The skin looks unhealthy and unhygienic, even though the person takes all possible care and precaution. These are articles to discuss the homoeopathic remedies to solve diseases

Dryness of the skin and cracks on the soles and feet are a common problem to persons of any age and any ethnic origin. The skin looks unhealthy and unhygienic, even though the person takes all possible care and precaution. However, this is the result of loss of proper nourishment and lack of good grooming habits. There are good homoeopathic medicines, available even as over the counter ointments and medicines, which will bring the skin to its original shining luster. These articles are a series on homoeo remedies, and are just for sharing the knowledge and should not be considered as prescription to any conditions.

Even we, human beings shed our skin. It might appear strange but most of dust that surrounds us in the air contains dead-skin particles; indicating the fact that our skin keeps on discarding the dead-cells, compensating the loss through regeneration of fresh cells, continuously during one’s lifetime. However, this process of regeneration slows down, as one gets aged. Skin also has the competence to protect itself, as also the internal organs against the vagaries of the nature. Even if the climate is cold or hot, the skin has the capacity to adapt and protect.

Extreme conditions of surrounding atmosphere and improper care to the skin can result in dryness and disease. Dry skin could be also result because of excess usage of soap, which clears away the greasy protection of the skin that is produced as oil by the skin-glands. Psycho-somatic relationship cannot be ruled out in diseases of the skin. Emotional crises often lead to disruption of health, which is precipitated by climatic conditions like sunlight, snow, rain water, or the like, manifesting as a skin-disease.

Skin disease can express in many forms. Cracks are most common, affecting the skin on the lips or in the palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. They might even bleed, and cause pain and suffering. We will discuss a few HOMOEOPATHIC remedies, which help in settling the diseased condition of the mind and body, if properly diagnosed and drug-selected. In this article, we will not discuss the eczema, herpes and other diseases that manifest on the skin; only dry skin and cracks are considered for recommending corresponding medicines:

  1. PETROLEUM: The medicine is made from this ‘CRUDE ROCK OIL’, which has that smell and taste. This is used as a remedy when the skin looks dry, rough and cracked, with sensitivity to even the slightest scratch. Winter fissures, cracks and peeling of skin can be relieved by the dosage of petroleum.
  2. GRAPHITES: This is a mineral which is used as a medicine, effectively useful in skin affections with severe itching due to persistent dryness. Painful cracks and fissures in the ends of fingers, cracks in nipples, mouth and between fingers and toes could be brought to normal health by administration of this homoeo remedy. It is commonly known as ‘Black Lead’, which occurs as a black grey, soft gelatinous solid. This could be used as a preventive, when the skin just appears to crack with an unhealthy look. It also helps to cure dry skin with ulcers that discharge sticky fluid.
  3. SULPHUR: It is the sublimated elemental sulphur, which is converted and used as medicine, in most therapies and practices of medicine. Homoeo also uses this, to relieve skin troubles that look very dirty, unhealthy and extremely dry. Cracks that develop in the lips and corners of the mouth with much dryness can be relieved with this remedy.

Other medicines like Antimonium Crudum and Natrum Muriaticum also help in solving most skin troubles. But, they will be discussed in another article. In the next article, another part of the human anatomy and its related homoeopathic remedies are discussed. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box.

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