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Importance of eating healthy at workplace

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   3 min     


There are people who can’t work with a fixed and established schedule. They have to work in rotating shifts, extending the time and losing the control of their lives. Improvisation is important for this kind of workers who are losing the good habits of eating healthy. It’s a big mistake.

Eating healthy at workplace is very important to work well, much more than we think.

Our body and our mind need different kinds of food to respond to normal activities when working or having a rest. We need good food and good habits to work physically and intellectually. Without it, we cannot expect our best performance. When people don’t eat healthy, they can suffer different kinds of troubles like low attention and concentration, fatigue, stress, hypertension. These are a few bad effects caused by the bad food habits.

Common mistakes eating at work..


The common mistakes we make when eating at work:

Nutrition experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However most of us go to work without having eaten anything for breakfast

With a start and ending time for lunch, do not follow a schedule for eating every day.

Eating snacks with high level of calories, which unbalance our diet by introducing an excess of sugar in our body.

Drinking too much coffee or energy drinks is bad for our health.

We do not eat anything in a common working day.

We do not drink anything in a common working day.

We eat any kind of food, no matter the quality and the quantity.

Eating in few minutes, in front of the computer and while working.

In business lunch, eating too much and suffer hard times to work in the next hours after lunch.


How well can we eat at work..?


Following are some tips for eating well at work:

Do not go to work without taking a good breakfast.

Avoid eating snacks between the meals. You can only try a piece of fruit or another healthy food.

Drink water or natural juices in order to be hydrated all the time. You should replace the liquids that our body needs during a normal day. If you are planning to walk, you will need more liquids.

Ask for good and quality food in the vending machines.

Plan the food that you want to eat during the week and decide how will you cook and buy it, and also schedule a time to eat each day.

Follow the rules also in a business lunch. Avoid drinking or have maximum one glass of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages.

Avoid restaurants that do not provide quality food. Stay healthy to work better.

Cook your own food and eat it to the office, if you can’t afford a restaurant or if the food is very bad near to your workplace.

Get your colleagues involved to eat healthy; you will succeed as you work together.

Drink water or any kind of natural juices, instead of coffee and cola or energetic drinks.

If you want, you can eat healthy. Excuses cannot be accepted. You only need to organize your weekly plan. You just decide how, where and at what time you will eat.

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