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Our Body’s Top 5 Protection Mechanisms

Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals

  Old airport road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Millions of microscopic cells make up our body. Constant functioning of various parts and biological systems in our body keeps us going every day. Just like how computers have protection mechanisms our body too is well equipped with its very own set of mechanisms that fight to protect.

As you read on you will know about our body’s top 5 unique Protection Mechanisms:

Ever wondered from where all that energy bolted into you?  Is it the Adrenaline Rush?  

Human body Mechanism

Turns out the adrenal glands in our kidneys secrete a stress hormone called adrenaline and the rapid increase in secretion of adrenaline causes Adrenaline Rush. This is triggered by our brain in times of threats and excitement and we are aided with a sudden dose of energy!

How many times did you Yawn today?


Yawning helps our body at tired moments. This involuntary action of our body makes us open our mouth wide and inhale deeply which increases the supply of oxygen into our blood and at the same time increases the output of carbon dioxide. Therefore, boosting us with lot of fresh energy!

Nobody likes Sweating but Sweating isn’t bad at all!


Our body releases a salty liquid from its sweat glands and we call it sweat and sweat helps to regulate our body temperature. This is initiated when we are exposed to hot temperature and when our body has heated up due to rigorous activities like exercise and so on.

Don’t hold your sneeze!


Sneezing is our body’s way of expelling germs and irritations from our nose. This is a natural way of avoiding germs and otherallergic particles from entering our body. Sneeze away and good riddance to germs!



Just like how we sweat to cool our body temperature, our body has a way of keeping us warm too.. it is known as Goosebumps! When you get cold it is initiated by your brain to get your muscles tense and muscles attached to each hair contracts causing the hair to stand up. This in turn reduces the heat loss from our body.

Our body has the solution to the obstacles we face.

Well, isn’t our body a fine masterpiece?!


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Anis Khan
Anis Khan |  August 9th, 2017