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Motherhood Hospital

Motherhood Hospital

  Indiranagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Post-pregnancy is a crucial phase of motherhood. Your responsibility doubles once you deliver your little one. Few things that have to be kept in mind after the delivery are to get enough rest and nutrition to be able to breastfeed and nursing your baby. This is the phase where you give your body ample rest and follow a proper diet plan to recover properly. Childbirth is an exciting time. You finally get to meet the baby who’s been growing inside of you for the last nine months.

A crash diet should not be an option because if you are breastfeeding, you will not have sufficient nutrition in your body to keep the breast milk flowing. A well-balanced diet must be followed which helps you in the process of recovering and keeps your body well-nutrition for your baby. However, if you are concerned about your weight and body shape, you can follow a diet which has excessive nutrients but low on calories.

Your choice of food must be based on the simple theory that you must consume food that is low in calories but the bulk in quantity so that you are full like fruits, steamed vegetables, baked meats, whole- grains, pulses, etc. Calcium is essential for you because the baby needs a proper amount of breastfeeding. About four to five portions of calcium and protein-rich food are necessary.

It has been researched that the mothers who breastfeed their babies lose weight at a comparatively faster pace because the production of milk in the body helps in burning down about 500 calories a day. It is strictly advised by the doctors that newbie mothers should not put themselves on a weight-losing diet immediately after delivery. They need an abundant amount of energy and strength for they have to nurse their newborn.

Few women are obsessed with the idea of losing weight post-pregnancy to retain their weight pre-pregnancy. And they end up going on a crash diet which results in the bad interest of both, the mother and the baby. Instead of taking up a stringent diet, going on a sensible diet that is fulfilling but low in fat will help in gaining better results. Newbie mothers are expected to nurture their babies first and then set goals to lose weight after pregnancy.

It is not impossible to lose weight post-pregnancy, but it is highly realistic to accept that it will take some time. If you want to go back to looking at how you were before pregnancy, a well-balanced diet and good (not hectic) amount of exercises will be useful. But it might just take more than a couple of weeks to get there. So, be patient and follow a good routine of exercises to fetch your pre-baby body back backed by sufficient nutrients.

Post-pregnancy care for mother in India gives prominence to post-partum period. Even though there are different communities and culture, almost all the traditions encourage pregnant women to live with their mother during delivery and the postpartum period. This is to ensure that she is getting proper rest and rebuilds her energy and health. Coping up with the new physical situation(s) and taking care of the baby will be easier for a mother if she is in a mentally comfortable zone.

Some of the post-pregnancy care tips are-

  1. Body massages: Daily hot oil body massage is given to the mother by elder family members with enough knowledge or an experienced ‘maushi’ will be hired. Massages are done with nourishing oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Massage with Sesame oil is the traditional method as the property of this oil in controlling stress and pressure and its cooling effect. Coconut oil is usually used for head massage. As it is quickly absorbed by the skin, the stretch marks are found to reduce when this oil is applied in the belly area

  2. Bath: Water for the bath is boiled with turmeric pieces, tamarind leaves, and neem leaves. Shikakai powder is used to wash the hair. Turmeric powder is applied to the whole body. After bath sambrani smoke is made and hair has to be shown over it. This is to prevent the mother from catching a cold

  3. Belly binding: Ayurveda has a special belly wrapping technique. A long piece of fine cotton cloth is wrapped around the abdomen a few times and pulled snug without tightening too much (to make sure you can sit and breathe comfortably). This helps to strengthen the back and restore muscle and organs to the original position

Post-pregnancy care after C-section: You’ll probably feel some soreness in the incision, and you may have bleeding or discharge for up to six weeks after the C-section. That’s normal. But the following symptoms warrant a call to your doctor because they could signal an infection:

Healing post-pregnancy care Ayurveda

A postpartum healing plan should be intentionally simple—a mother’s priorities are bonding with her newborn and resting. Herbs and simple practices can support those goals and ensure a speedy recovery and a strong foundation for the new family.

  1. Dinacharya: A new mother can expect her dinacharya (daily routine) to shift significantly in the first few months as she responds to her newborn’s rapidly changing daily needs and her role as a new parent. If present, family members can support her to do simple things, such as holding the baby while she bathes and preparing meals at regular times, which will allow her to restore her sense of order.
  2. Diet: Simple, nourishing food, such as split mung beans cooked with ghee and appropriate spices, served with white basmati rice and cooked vegetables are preferred for a new mother. After the first few days, if her Agni feels strong, she can expand the varieties of legumes and grain.
  3. Herbal Tea: Dashamula tea nourishes and tones muscle tissue and supports the correct downward flow of energy and substances like feces and urine (apana vayu)
  4. Abhyanga: Daily abhyanga (self-oil massage) for mom and baby will pacify Vata dosha, ground the new mother, and allow her to be fully present in her new role. Traditionally, new mothers would have this performed by a trained practitioner or close family member. Numerous post-pregnancy care services provide massage and other services.

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