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Points to Remember Diabetes-related Hypoglycemia

Dr Paramesh S

Dr Paramesh S

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 13, 2017

   0 min     

  • When people with diabetes think their blood glucose level is low, they should check it and treat the problem right away.

  • To treat hypoglycemia, people should have a serving of a quick-fix food, wait 15 minutes, and check their blood glucose again. They should repeat the treatment until their blood glucose is 70 mg/dL or above.

  • People at risk for hypoglycemia should keep quick-fix foods in the car, at work—anywhere they spend time.

  • People at risk for hypoglycemia should be careful when driving. They should check their blood glucose frequently and snack as needed to keep their level 70 mg/dL or above.
    Hypoglycemia Unrelated to Diabetes

    • In reactive hypoglycemia, symptoms occur within 4 hours of eating. People with reactive hypoglycemia are usually advised to follow a healthy eating plan recommended by a registered dietitian.

    • Fasting hypoglycemia can be caused by certain medications, critical illnesses, hereditary enzyme or hormonal deficiencies, and some kinds of tumors. Treatment targets the underlying problem.

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