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Role of Antioxidants on healthy fertility

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Specialist Hospital

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Antioxidants are the most important components to having healthy fertility that every women and men needs to focus on. Before we start, there are two terms you will need to know:

Antioxidants are the family of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that helps to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Free Radicals
Free radicals are the unstable molecules which can damage cell structures. In our normal life, free radicals are produced from different activity, in our bodies (for example free radicals are made throughout energy production), but chemicals in our encircling environment can also create free radicals. They say that each cell in our body is affected about 10,000 times a day by free radicals, expediting the aging process. Antioxidants nullify the free radicals, stopping further damage from happening and safeguarding the cell’s health. If you are not doing anything to help safeguard your cells, this damage can add up.

How Antioxidants Work?

Antioxidants work like a defense system, disabling free radicals. They are a kind of police force within the body. They “quench” free radicals wherever they are, so they are not able to increase and cause harm to our cells. When an antioxidant finds a free radical it absorbs it and mixes into its molecular structure. This creates a weakened free radical, not powerful enough to do any harm. At this point that particular antioxidant is killed unless its “sister” antioxidant comes along and restores it.


Why Antioxidants are important and necessary for healthy fertility?

Now that we know how antioxidants and free radicals usually work, let’s talk about how they influence fertility specifically. Everything in the body is made of cells that are required to be protected from free radicals; simple as that. Not only are the ovum (egg) and sperm which are made up of cells that can be affected by free radical damage, so are the reproductive organs and glands that generate reproductive hormones. If these cells are less than optimum, the organs, ovum, sperm, etc. will not be working at their best.

Another thing to remember; when DNA is attacked, it can also be changed by free radicals. The DNA of both partners is the future sketch for a child. Damaged DNA is known to bring about miscarriages or birth defects/developmental problems for the future child. According to studies, a connection between oxidative stresses caused from free radicals and male infertility. So, it is very important for both the parents to be taking an antioxidant complex in the correct amounts. Let’s take a look at which antioxidants are most important…

Most Important Antioxidants for Fertility

  • Lipoic Acid

Lipoic acid is a very significant antioxidant because it not only helps to guard the female reproductive organs, but it has also been shown to enhance sperm quality and motility. Lipoic acid is a necessity in every supplement regime as it reforms all of the other antioxidants and is the only antioxidant that can reform glutathione. It also benefits to build a strong and properly functioning immune system and can help to nullify some of the damage caused from smoking cigarettes.

  • Vitamin E

Studies have shown that vitamin E increases sperm health and motility. According to a study it was shown that sperm motility, percentage of live sperm, and percentage of normal spermatozoa all increased with the addition of vitamin E and selenium. In another study which was done on rats showed that rats that were deficient in vitamin E became infertile and the sperm became fixed and the female rats had a higher rate of miscarriages.

It has been shown that men who prepared with vitamin E earlier to IVF treatment with their partners had a growth in the rate of fertilization from 19% to 29%.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another very essential antioxidant for both male and female fertility. Vitamin C enhances the hormone levels and grows the fertility in women with luteal phase defect.

  • CoQ10
    CoQ10 works with enzymes helping to bring about chemical changes within the body, particularly energy production. CoQ10 is involved in the creation of ATP, so insufficiency of this antioxidant could cause a lack of energy to every cell and system in the body as well as the reproductive system. Think of CoQ10 as a battery in the cell.
  • Glutathione

Glutathione is studied to be nature’s master antioxidant and detoxifier. It is the cell’s prime antioxidant. Across the board, low levels of glutathione are a symbol for disease and premature death. Glutathione is useful in the detoxification of pollutants from the liver and the body. It is also one of the most important protector of a cell’s immune system.

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