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Sports Physiotherapy – Why is it important for Athletes?

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Imagine an olympics athlete or sportsperson not being able to participate just because he has got a minor sports injury. That is a horrible thought for a person who has dedicated crucial years of his/her life aiming for that one medal. One ligament fracture can cause a sportsperson to put his training on hold for couple of months. Not only physical wellness but it disturbs mental stability too.

According to the sport branches, Sports has various risks to a sportsperson body not forgetting the positive effects, of course. No matter what the sports is, every athlete gets injured at least once in his/her sports career. Thus, sports physiotherapy is the most significant, to minimize the risk of injury during an athlete’s carrier.

Sports physiotherapists are involved in prevention and management of injury resulting from sport and exercise. They not only take care of the injuries but help an athlete in maintaining his health.

The success of an athlete or a team is not only measured in wins and losses, but also in how effective the sports medicine team is in curing the injuries. The wellness of the athlete is a team effort, members of the sports medicine team support each other for the benefit of the athlete and the team. The advances in sports medicine and science, particularly over the past decade have opened a wider spectrum of treatment choices.

Sports physiotherapy is a vital in a sportsperson’s life. The need is to make everyone aware about its importance and advancement in the respective field.

The introduction of direct access for physiotherapy services was a significant progress. The athletes are offered a greater access to physiotherapy support. From their training to exercises, an expert physiotherapy guides them throughout.

Many study highlights that 45% of encounters were related to ongoing management of pre-existing injuries, which reflects the significant level of persisting musculoskeletal problems among athletes entering major sport events. These findings reflect the challenges that physiotherapists face in supporting athletes which may not necessarily be captured in the traditional surveillance studies.

This also has implications for estimating the physiotherapy workforce requirements at the future games and strongly suggests that further advances are needed for injury prevention  in light of the findings of this study that sports people at the Olympic level have a high prevalence of ongoing injury that requires at least a maintenance treatment.

The extensive role of the sports physiotherapist beyond the treatment of injury to a broader role by also providing assistance with maintenance and recovery. The expansion of the current injury surveillance systems and an appropriate EMR(electronic medical record)system are required to provide a more detailed classification system on diagnosis, grade of injury and the extent to which performance or training is impaired as a result of injury. Advice about safe return to the chosen sport is a big part of physiotherapy management.

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