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Motherhood Hospital

Motherhood Hospital

  Indiranagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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News about pregnancy immediately sparks excitement and joy amongst family members. Everyone seems extremely ecstatic and almost immediately there is a volley of advice and suggestions coming in from all directions. Wine is off limits, it’s okay to neglect the house work, don’t carry heavy loads while climbing up the stairs and yes, don’t drink coffee…!

Well, all the advice that you get is probably useful in more ways than one but should you really boycott coffee during pregnancy? Is it absolutely necessary? To end this debate, today, we will disclose to you the information you need on your coffee intake during pregnancy.

The UK Food Standards Agency recommends a daily dose of caffeine during pregnancy at 200mgs a day which is about two cups of instant coffee or two mugs of tea. A word of caution though, some coffee bars may contain a stronger dose of caffeine.

But why is there a restriction to drinking coffee during pregnancy?

It is because caffeine takes a longer time to break down into the body during pregnancy and it reaches the baby through the placenta. A developing baby does not process caffeine well and therefore increases the baby’s stress level hormones. Researchers have also found that women, who consume large amounts of coffee during pregnancy, deliver lighter babies. (about 100 to 200gms lighter) Babies born lighter have an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases during adulthood.

So coffee during pregnancy is a bad idea, right?

Not necessarily, unless you are a coffeholic. A cup of coffee, less than a 100gm per day is safe. It has been found that women who consumed about a 100gms of coffee per day during pregnancy had birth weights about 21 to 28g less than women who didn’t have coffee as much which is normal and not a cause of concern. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your morning coffee and indulge in its rich aroma and flavour.


Coffee is not entirely bad during pregnancy unless consumed in large amounts. About a 100gm per day should work out fine. However, for the ones who live on coffee, cut some slack there. Pregnancy does require some changes to your lifestyle and food habits. Cutting down on your caffeine kick is probably a good idea for you and your baby!

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