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Teens: How do you learn to control your anger? Activity 9 & 10

Dr Gowher Yusuf

Dr Gowher Yusuf

  Hal 3rd stage, Bengaluru     Feb 17, 2017

   1 min     


Source: The Anger workbook for Teens by (Raychelle Cassada Lohmann, MS)

Activity 9:

When you are angry, choosing an activity that helps you calm down will keep your anger from getting the best of you.

You can talk to someone, take a time out, text a friend, pound on a pillow, play an instrument, listen to relaxing music, go for a bike ride, play basketball, read a book, draw/paint, or write in a journal.

Think about the situation that often makes you angry. When these situations arise, tell how you can chill out instead of exploding.

I get angry when_____________________________________________________

I can chill out by______________________________________________________


Activity 10:

When you hold in your anger, it is likely to build. Expressing your feelings is an important first step towards coping with them, and writing is a great way to do that.

If you have never expressed your feelings this way before, a great way to start is by writing a letter to yourself. Include things that you are unhappy about, disappointed with, or want to change. Talk about why anger has been a problem for you and why you want to handle it differently. Expressing yourself in writing can help you examine whatever is bugging you. Then you can develop a plan to handle the situation rather than reacting impulsively, which often leads to negative consequences.



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