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The Ayurvedagram Panchakarma

Dr. Mini Nair

Dr. Mini Nair

  Koramangala, Bengaluru     Feb 23, 2017

   2 min     


Panchakarma Treatments are the essential therapeutic, refinement, detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments in Ayurveda. ‘Panchakarma’ means 5 fundamental healing treatments which comprises of:

  • Vamana: Caused vomiting over the oral administration of medicines
  • Virechana: Caused purgation over the oral administration of medicines
  • Snehavasti: ano-rectal administration of medicated oils
  • Kashayavasti: ano-rectal administration of medicinal herbal extracts
  • Nasya: nasal administration of medicated oils/ medicinal herbal extracts

All of these are not uaually practiced jointly in all cases. Ayurveda suggests panchakarma treatments for restraining ailments, renewal and restoration of health and therapeutic management of illnesses. On a health viepoint, Panchakarma Treatments can be done at any time as an support to keep the body’s immunity and digestion persistent and to stop toxins accumulation in the body. It improves and revives the basic balance of the body and the mind.

The panchakarma treatments are granted with particular pre healing measures through which the body can be set to experience the panchakarma therapies which primarily contain simultaneous oelation & sudation therapies. Moreover post therapeutic or healing therapies, wellness and dietary supplements & life style remedies are to be followed after the panchakarma treatments for the entire and perfect therapeutic effectivness of the panchakarma treatments. The extensive kinds of the pre and post therapeutic remedies using purely herbal based medications, medicinal blends and medicated oils along with particular health and dietary additions & lifestyle prescriptions have been made & practiced in Kerala and mainly used for the treatment of different ailments and evenly for the refinement, detoxification and restoration of the body systems through the panchakarma treatments. These pre healing processes are special therapies by which the impact of oleation and sudation can be applied all together.

The Ayurvedagram Panchakarma process:

The three stages in Panchakarma are:

Purva karma (The Preparatory stage)

Pradhana karma (The Main Therapy)

Paschat karma (The Rejuvenation)

Along with panchakarma treatments, internal medicines can also be prescribed for the complete management of ailments & other health prescriptions. The internal medication can be in 7 dosage kinds, namely:

  • Gulika (Tablets)
  • Choorna (Powder)
  • Kashaya (Herbal extract)
  • Arista and Asava (Fermented products)
  • Thaila (Medicated oil)
  • Grita (Medicated ghee)
  • Leha (Chewing)

More than 250 various medicinal herbs are utilized for making and assembling the ayurvedic developments in these seven dosage forms.

Course of Panchakarma Treatments


Ayurveda always direct a course of Panchakrma Treatments with duration of minimum 7 days and maximum 28 days for the health and well-being and for the treatment of ailments. It may differ according to the constant nature of the illnesses. The duration of 7 days & it’s multiplies – 7, 14, 21 and 28 are actually the splits of time in line with the lunar cycle. The fixation of duration of the course of Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments has been calculated on the control of the lunar cycle in the bio-rhythm of the human body. Likewise the time of management of the therapeutic treatments in a day is also very significant.

These treatments are extraordinary, authentic, precise & scientific pre-therapeutic processes to perform concurrent oleation and sudation impacts. The medicated oils & other wise & rational medicinal formulations utilized in these therapies were also been matured traditionally. The therapies are:

ElaKizhi (PatraPotaliSwedan) / Medicinal leaves/ herbs bundles

Njavara Kizhi (Pinda swedam )







Greeva vasti/Kati vasti/Uro vasti

Netra Sekam



Foot Massage

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