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Want to look Slim-Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

  Lavelle road, Bengaluru     Feb 22, 2017

   4 min     

  • You want to look slim, younger than your age, beautiful but do not want to go under the knife. Do not worry, at Cosmetic Studio we have multiple options for Anti aging and Slimming procedures which are non-surgical and painless.
  • You will only get surprised to know that we use the similar non-surgical, painless treatments that are used by the Hollywood celebrities.
  • Ultra-contour utilizes High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Energy (HIFU) which deposits large amounts of energy into the tissue, at one point,
  • HIFU will rise tissue temperature, to induce irreversible damage to the FAT CELLS to take off the fat content in the shape of Triglycerides. This is eliminated naturally through the liver to end in non surgical Lipolysis-death of fat cells.
  • HIFU is almost like diagnostic ultrasound, utilized in diagnostic centers for ultrasound examination, however it differs as diagnostic ultrasound delivers subtle sound waves at low power ensuing in no heat buildup.
  • The ensuing fat reduction can last hours to days, and also the capacity of the body to throw out the Triglycerides way exceeds the capacity of Ultra-contour to destroy the fat hence this FDA approved machine is safe and proven for fat loss.
  • ultra contour requires 6-10 sittings spaced a week apart, its been four years now that we have been using ultra contour for non surgical fat loss, there are two category of clients who opt for this

    • clients who do not want surgical procedure as they want this kept confidential from other people in family especially the husbands.
    • clients who can benefit from this procedure like those with less fat.
  • having done this on a large scale we see an average of 2 inch loss in most of our clients, however the maximum one has seen was about 7 inches of loss in abdomen, but results like this are few, there are some people who respond well and some who do not respond as well as we anticipate.
  • To conclude Ultracontour is safe and has shown results in most of our clients ,taking care of learning curve that is there to know the limitations of the treatments we recommend Ultracontour as a treatment option for people looking to reduce fat from the tummy , it also reduces and sculpts the thighs and buttocks by reducing cellulite deposits ,cellulite is fat deposition in thighs and gives the skin a lumpy feel, it date there was no effective cure for this, however it is possible to reduce cellulite by one grade using this procedure, as women switch to western dresses they are now concerned about the way their thighs look and there is an effective solution now for non surgical thigh sculpts.
  • We do not use ultracontour to reduce fat from arms as we are not happy with the results we have achieved, ultracontour also does not work well to reduce fat from male chest enlargement.
  • Ultrasound is today marketed as a treatment option for loosing fat ,the market is flooded with these devices right from cheap gadgets made in China to superior ones made in Europe and USA. hence it is better to look at which device is used and not the technology per se as the US-FDA approved gadgets do a better job than those that do not, if your idea of sculpting is to visit a SPA and avail this being carried away by the fact that they claim to deliver 35 centimeter losses in one sitting we wish you well, however the fact remains that it is not that simple to achieve this and the fact that are qualified doctors running theshow or a technician , even at best of times it is difficult for us to deliver how much of an improvement comes with non surgical treatments and individual variations are always possible, however as we always say with realistic expectations realistic results are possible, we have people who never diet and exercise and come to us and ask what is possible when we say 2 inch plus they say Is that all, however try asking this question to people who do diet and exercise and know how difficult it is to loose and they will say doc that's a lot, this is how opinions differ, it is another story that those people who ridicule 2 inches do come back to us after 6 ,months and say we will give this a try.
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