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What are Genes?

Dr. Bibi Halima Shamaz

Dr. Bibi Halima Shamaz

  Wilson garden, Bengaluru     Jan 30, 2017

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It is a tiny structure existing in pairs in chromosomes.

A gene is essentially composed of a long double stranded DNA helix surrounded by a protein helix.

The DNA consists of phosphoric acid (deoxyribose) and 4 nitrogenous bases, the later two purines,(adenine and guanine)& two pyrimidines (thymine and cytosine).

The genes serve to control formation of other substances like amino acid synthesis in the cells through their genetic codes, which are formed by three successive bases in the DNA.

The activity of genes is influenced by structure lying in their vincity.these are called operator and repressor substances.

These activate or deactivate the genes.

Information to be propagated to daughter cells is through DNA and is called replication.

Information used by cells is through RNA and is called Transcription.

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