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What are Hybrid Operating Rooms?

Medikoe HealthTech Expert

Medikoe HealthTech Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 10, 2017

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With the addition of new technology, comes the integration with established technology and systems that either needs to be replace completely or connected with to improve their performance or build upon the brand new technology’s use.

This is a difficult task for healthcare professionals due to the complexities of the systems, technologies and operations currently in place at all healthcare facilities, hence why this industry is often the slowest moving when it comes to impactful change.

A hybrid operation room is a new innovation where a traditional OR is outfitted with advanced medical technology to improve the care delivered to patients and enhances the skill-sets of medical practitioners when it comes to administering treatment.

The Lakeland Regional Media Center is an example of a hybrid operating room, one of the first in its area, but definitely an indicator of more widespread changes to come to operating rooms around the country innovating on existing processes and technologies with traditional surgical procedures and treatment options.

Technologies used in hybrid operating rooms have typically helped reduce trauma, scarring, spurred faster rehabilitation and has helped decrease hospital stays. The technologies used at the LRMC that helped improve a patient’s experience at a hospital included advanced imaging technologies that allowed for real-time intra-operative image guidance, as well as tools to help perform high-risk minimally invasive cardiac procedures.


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