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What is Power Yoga?

The Nivesaa Studio

The Nivesaa Studio

  Indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jan 30, 2017

   3 min     


Yoga is an ancient Indian form of spiritual fitness. The understanding of the mind makes the body strong and the rigorous asana practice makes the mind agile too. This unique blend of the mind and the body has been benefiting us for centuries now.

With the increase in stress levels in the city life, not only has the practice of yoga become crucial, it has also been proven that the practice itself needs to evolve to fit the ever growing needs of the current population vis-à-vis its lifestyle.

Power yoga is nothing but a faster version of the yogic asanas with smaller intervals for holding the posture and more emphasis on repetitive postures in order to create a cardiovascular routine with the yogic asanas.

The principles of power yoga are slightly different than regular hatha yoga or even vinyasa yoga for that matter.

What are the basic principles of power yoga?

  • The class is designed with only postures in mind. There is very little, almost no breath work (pranayama) involved in class.
  • Postures, unlike in a hatha yoga class, are not held for too long. This is so more postures can be practiced back to back without a break.
  • The focus of the class is to achieve a cardio workout. Some say this is against the philosophy of yoga, but its simply required for today’s day and age and the stress levels that one aims to fight with a holistic workout such as power yoga.
  • The postures are repetitive. As in each posture is performed very quickly and many times instead of practicing it once for a longer period of time. This of course as mentioned earlier helps in a cardio workout.
  • One of the main reasons as to why you need to choose power yoga classes over other kinds of yoga is if your main purpose is to lose weight. As mentioned earlier, power yoga focuses on a cardio based workout and is thus, best for losing weight.  This holds true for both adults and yoga for children.
  • Another reason why you must choose power yoga is if there is limited time that you need to workout for. Power yoga shows results even if you practice it for 30 minutes instead of an hour. Of course you will have to give up on your pranayama and relaxation in that case, but time management is important and if you are one of those ardent planners of your time, work with power yoga! It will not disappoint you.
  • Once you begin to work with power yoga, you will see a real increase in stamina, flexibility, agility and body tone.

However, we at Nivesaa are of the opinion that you have the willingness to learn, a drive to start yoga sessions for your general well being and connect with your true self then you must combine all forms of yoga to give your body an overall holistic understanding of the form.

Power yoga will of course help your stamina, but hatha yoga will help your alignment and control, vinyasa will provide you endurance and pranayama and relaxation are very important to finish your practice with.

We suggest that you practice yoga all five days. Tow days out of which you can practice power yoga, 1day hatha, 1 day vinyasa and 1 day just pranayama and meditation. You will see a different yourself!!

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