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Which surface is better for Jogging?



  Jayanagar, Bengaluru     Feb 16, 2017

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Eventually the type of surface that is appropriate for you is your personal preference and depends on your level of comfort and personality. However, these medical reports may present some persuasion.

Grass takes high ratings

The University of Hong Kong’s Department of Sports Science and Physical Education found that running on natural surfaces, especially grass, resulted in less force on the plantar fascia, which is ligament on the bottom of the foot that often gets inflamed and leads to a painful state which is known as plantar fasciitis.

Grass and dirt trails get the highest approvals from experts, provided runners select ones without a lot of scattered rocks, junk and disruptive tree roots.

Treadmills are stressful


University of Michigan experiments found that runners had to bend their knees 6 degrees more when running on a treadmill compared to other surfaces; ankles had to be bent more as well. In addition, treadmill runners ran with greater power and used unnatural body formation. These dissimilarities were attributed to the treadmill’s moving belt.


Researchers established that the heart rate gets more elevated and the level of fatigue is greater on the treadmill than on non moving surfaces.

 Physiologist challenges see that off-road, natural surfaces are better 

While many doctors support running on natural surfaces, one physiologist, Hirofumi Tanaka, from the University of Texas, disagrees. He cites the unusual surface of dirt and other soft surfaces as too risky and insists runners would fare better or smooth and hard surfaces.

 Because most runners get bored sticking to one surface, there is no harm in changing the surface as long as concrete is used rarely and your running shoes are in good shape. Changing surfaces teaches the body to adapt and avoid injuries due t 

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