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Why Postnatal Care?

Motherhood Hospital

Motherhood Hospital

  Indiranagar, Bengaluru     Feb 22, 2017

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Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn! This is the beginning of an enriching and beautiful parenthood journey. Whether this is your first baby or the newest addition to a growing family, access to effective, practical and supportive postnatal care is essential to your well being and that of your baby.

The first six weeks following a baby’s birth can simultaneously be one of the most joyous and most difficult times for any woman. There are many changes and adjustments to be made physically,emotionally and socially, and many challenges to be faced.Just as every child is unique, so is every pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

The postpartum period lasts six to eight weeks, beginning right after the baby is born.

During this period, the mother goes through many physical and emotional changes while learning to care for her newborn.

Schedule a checkup with your doctor after delivery to discuss symptoms and receive proper treatment

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