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Why does hair turn thin?

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

Dr. Vivekanand N Bhat

  Lavelle road, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   3 min     


This is caused by a hormone called Di Hydro testosterone, about three percent of Testosterone the male hormone gets into the skin where it gets converted to Di Hydro Testosterone and this hormone attacks the hair roots and causes it to become weak and produce hair which are thin in nature, thin hairs are not cosmetically good hairs and if untreated ultimately the roots do not manufacture any hair at all.

  • This process cannot be reversed in later stages and the only option is a hair transplant surgery. The hormone DHT does not interfere with the hair roots in back portion of the scalp ,and even the most baldest of persons always have a fringe of hair that still grows, this is because they are resistant to DHT, and if these Follicular units are removed from the back and transplanted into the front they grow, they do not usually become thin and remain for life. This is the basis on which a hair transplant surgery works.
  • We get frequent mails saying people are loosing a lot of hairs and they are in need of a hair transplant surgery, what is worrying is that these are people may not need one. It is necessary to know why there is an unusual Hair Loss and medicines are required to treat this. As in hair loss the roots survive with proper treatment it is possible to get hair growth back. It is a fact that all hair grow, then fall and grow back again. It is normal for people to loose hair everyday, however when large number of hair are shed then this needs medical treatment.
  • Once hair thinning starts this is worrisome, if prompt medical treatment is not started then surgery becomes the only option.
  • Does Stem Cell Injections help?
    We all see lots of advertisements in papers regarding Stem Cell Injections for hair growth -the reality is that there are no approved Stem Cell Injections for hair growth in the market today. The latest ICMR guidelines say it is illegal to use Stem Cells to treat hair loss. None of them do justice for the money spent, most of the injections only have for biochemical growth factors for hair and have no Stem Cells in them, a few trials of injecting actual stem cells in an attempt to bring about hair growth have all been a failure to date according to my humble opinion. Though I stand to be corrected, yet we see people spending huge amounts on this only to see failures when this same amount could have been spent on Hair Transplant Surgery which yields predictable results.
  • The role of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in hair thinning?
    Blood when centrifuged yields a small quantity of buffy coat called PRP which many claim can be used for Hair Loss and anti aging treatment for reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, when done the right way and in the presence of hair roots it may make a difference, however when injected onto bald areas our experience with PRP has been poor.
  • Does Low level laser light help?
    Laser Light may help in hair loss but has proven not to work in hair thinning ,there has been no clinical trials in multiple centers to prove that laser light helps to grow hair in hair thinning,and we do not recommend this to our clients.
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