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Worried about gaps between your teeth?

Dentakraft Oral Care Clinic

Dentakraft Oral Care Clinic

  Indiranagar 1st stage, Bengaluru     Jan 19, 2017

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Spaces or large gaps between teeth can be  mostly attributed to a genetic factor. When in proper harmony the existing set of teeth are placed side by side and they fill up the entire curvature of the upper and lower jawbones.A disproportion between tooth size and jaw size is what leads to gaps between teeth.These spaces can cause an unsightly appearance and may require correction.In dental terms this gap is known as a "Diastema" and the rectification procedure is called a "Diastema Closure".

These spaces can be rectified by one of two options and both have their pros and cons.

Brace Option:

This is the most ideal method of correcting gaps between teeth.It is done by physical re positioning or realignment of the teeth.It is done by putting on braces/ wires on the teeth and slowly moving them into the correct position and thereby close the gaps.This treatment option takes time since the teeth can only be moved by a mm or so over a period of few months.The results are discern-able only after about 6-10 months or so.At times the braces may have to be worn for upto 18 months.The major advantage is that the teeth which  are otherwise healthy and of the proper shape,are maintained in the same way.There is no addition of any artificial material and nor is there any reduction of tooth structure that is required. factor to be considered when selecting this option 

The crucial factor to  be considered when selecting this option is that the results are best when teeth are of the proper size,shape and color.It is only the position of the teeth which is improper.Wiring only addresses the problem of position and cannot rectify unaesthetic situations arising out of shape,size and color.

                                                                                              Image result for diastema

Direct bonding Option:

This is the other alternative to closing gaps.The advent of material technology has made this treatment option a highly predictable and effective option. The major advantage is that the treatment can be completed within a day or two.You would probably have to spend an extended amount of time on the dental chair but the results would be immediately evident.A mild downside is that the teeth may appear somewhat wider after the treatment is done.

These gaps are closed by using a special composite material which is bonded on to the adjacent teeth and then slowly built up to approximate each other.In this way most spaces can be filled up to look very natural.One word of caution though.The bonded material may stain or chip slightly over a long period of time.You should expect to have some re polishing or repair done if this happens.

This treatment option is a reversible one and the procedure can be undone or modified at any point of time.Of course,the treatment is also more economical than the first option of straightening the teeth with wires.

In case the gaps between the teeth have been slowly increasing over the years, it is  critical to carry out a splinting procedure to ensure that the gaps do not recur.The splint is ideally done with a form of fiber material which is embedded in the composite  material by the dentist.

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