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Are there any disadvantages related to physiotherapy?

Dr  Ruchika Bhargava (Pt)

Dr Ruchika Bhargava (Pt)

  Sarjapur, Bengaluru     May 20, 2019

   2 min     


Physiotherapy is a crucial element in recovering a patient after injury, illness, and surgery. By using methods such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound, a doctor can help reduce pain and promote healing. Ambulations, exercises, balance activities, stair conversations create the functional aspect of physiotherapy and restore independence. However, your course of treatment may have many kinds of disadvantages, so it is necessary to understand the disadvantages of physiotherapy and address them by contacting your physiotherapist as soon as possible.

Pain with gain

One of the significant disadvantages you have during physiotherapy is a pain. Your significant pain can actually increase as soon as you rehabilitate and recover, and this can lead to confusion and poor motivation. Therefore, it is essential to discuss these questions with your physiotherapist to determine if alternative healing interventions will reduce the pain and allow for better participation. In order to reduce pain, your physiotherapist may suggest oral pain medications 30 minutes before a session. Ice, heat or topical treatment can reduce pain after a session, as instructed by your doctor.


Another common disadvantage of physiotherapy is inflammation or swelling. During the session, your physiotherapist challenges your ligaments, muscles, and tendons to strengthen them. To this, your body may respond with increased swelling or edema. The edema can lead to additional functional limitations and pain. Discuss the issue with your physiotherapist and find the alternative treatments, such as using a hot and then cold or using an ice post-therapy to help control inflammation, which can reduce swelling and pain as well as enhance circulation.

Lack of outcome

In any medical intervention, participation in physical therapy is not guaranteed to restore or fully resolve the symptoms. Because it can be disappointing, you may be convinced to stop the treatment in the middle of the session. However, discontinuation of the physiotherapy session in the middle is not encouraged as it can worsen your case and can result in re-injury and long-term pain. Discuss your personal goals with your therapist and ask them to adjust the direction of treatment according to your requirement. Also, make possible lifestyle changes to facilitate improved results.

Psycho-emotional issues

You may underestimate the emotional and psychological stress you will experience in combination with your therapy. Continuous appointments, unsatisfactory progress, pain, and a long time spent in treatment can limit your schedule. Discuss the problem with your physiotherapist as well as your family and friends. Being active for stress and the issues you face, you can control your situation and respond to changes in productivity that are both short-term and long-term.

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