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Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

Medikoe Food n Health Expert

Medikoe Food n Health Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Organic foods have created an enormous buzz and are being increasingly opted by people today. The sweeping public belief that organic food is healthier than conventional food is pretty influential and is the main reason for the rise in its demand over the past 5-6 years. 

Scientific studies conducted so far on several organic food items that have not been able to provide strong evidence about the superiority of organic food over non-organic food. However, some scientific studies have `organic milk and organic tomatoes to be better than the non-organic varieties. Studies are also ongoing about a variety of other types of organic food that may have additional health benefits compared to the non-organic varieties.

Why are organic foods getting so many votes?

  • Chemical-free: Unlike the everyday fruits, vegetables and other groceries we consume that contain a variety of poisonous chemicals, organic foods are free of any toxic substances. Regular commercial foods are sprayed with so many pesticides that have not even been tested for long term effects on the human body.

  • Nutritious: Organically grown foods are said to contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This is because organic cultivation includes soil management, where nourishment to the plants is ensured.

  • Tasty: Organic is the means that food was intended to be produced; food that we insert into our bodies should not be full of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics, and they should not be genetically mutated. Organic varieties that believe in taste over appearance are generally better tasting because the nourishing soil produces healthy plants. 

  • NO GMO: GMO (genetically modified organisms) have been connected to intestinal damage, allergies, infertility, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. The fact is we are still nearly clueless as to what these GMOs cause to our bodies, and we may not exactly know until it is too late. Sadly, avoiding GMO food is next to impossible until you begin consuming organic food. 

  • Healthy meat and dairy: Commercial meat and dairy products are highly contaminated with chemicals and pesticides. This includes antibiotics, drugs and growth hormones which continue to pass through the food chain.

  • Heart Health: A prolonged amount of time grazing on grass also raises the amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that can be seen in animal products. CLA is a heart-healthy fatty acid that can increase cardiovascular strength, and it is observed in immense quantities in breast milk and in the meat of animals that have been raised cage-free or free-range. 

  • Immune System Boost: In current decades, one of the largest projects for farmers and food producers has been a genetic modification. Producing tomatoes six times bigger might sound like a viable option for solving some world hunger issues, but there is a different side to it. Genetic modification is yet in its early stages, so the long-term effects of it on human health aren’t understood very well. In animal testing, genetically modified food revealed a significant decline in immune system strength, an increment in birth mortality, as well as in certain sexual dysfunctions, cancers, and susceptibility to allergens. Although there are some useful things about genetically modified food, organic food advocates guide to the absence of concrete details about its long-term effects.

  • Antioxidant Capacity: Several studies have been achieved concerning the effects of antioxidants from organic foods on overall health, and the predominant outcomes have explained that antioxidants tend to have more of an impact when they develop from organic foods. This may be due to the fact that foreign chemicals are not negatively mixing with the different vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds that are so vital for the positive impact of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer, heart disorders, early ageing, vision problems, and cognitive breakdown. Recent research implies that adopting organic food can lead to a raised intake of nutritionally beneficial antioxidants and decreased exposure to toxic heavy metals. 

  • Antibiotic Resistance: People are very sensitive to problems of their health, and they frequently take precautions to make sure they remain healthy, like getting different vaccines and taking antibiotics as soon as a new strain of bacteria makes them sick. However, non-organic food sources, especially livestock and feed houses, also use antibiotics to feed their animals. This additional dose of antibiotics may actually be weakening our immune system by radically overdosing on antibiotics, thereby reshaping it so many times that it will ultimately be inadequate to defend itself. Organic food producers and dairy farmers do not apply antibiotics in their processes.

  • Pollution: Going organic also means saying no to chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which are polluting the soil and water that we consume. The pesticides utilised in non-organic production flow off with water and contaminate our water too. This is harmful to water life and critical for us who drink the water or use it on our crops. Also, going organic is a sure-shot path to a safe and sustainable future. 

Are you struggling to find the answer for how can you get organic foods and that too without farming on your own?

Then, these articles from Medikoe might help you to get an idea.

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The truth is that we know for a fact that non-organic items are likely more damaging to our health and us and have many more side effects than we already know. Consuming organic food benefits the environment, and it can further lessen your risk of cancer and other health effects.

One of the best things that you can do is to stop being so particular about how your food looks, everyday supermarkets have to throw out quite good fruit and vegetables that have been overlooked for not looking perfect. Because of this, supermarkets are under pressure to produce perfect looking food – which leads to GMO. So start eating ugly, but organic fruit and vegetables – they will taste better and will positively affect your health.

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