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Benefits of Everyday Yoga for just 20 Minutes

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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We’re sure you have heard people go on and on about how yoga makes everything better and even seen people who are so crazy about the practice that they spend hours and some even days and months together to master yoga.

Researches have determined that yoga can lower the secretion of cortisol, the main stress hormone, which in turn can promote your overall health.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it’s a no difficult step to squeeze in just 20 minutes of yoga practice per day.

So, what is it that is so great about yoga? And, how long do you need to practice to see results?

The amount of yoga you need to practice depends entirely on what kind of results you expect to feel at the end of the day. For a beginner, however, 20 minutes a day is an ideal start. There are various forms of yoga you can start with; one such type is Vinyasa yoga. It is a form of yoga that blends movement and breathing and creates a flow from one position to the other.

How do these 20 minutes of yoga help?

We all live highly active and busy lives where the pressure is high, and schedules are tight. Yoga helps you ease these problems and rejuvenates you. It reduces stress levels and helps balance blood pressure levels.

It prevents depression, anxiety and insomnia; provides relief for the ones who are already suffering.

Yoga exercises are also a powerful form of cardio and improve your health, aid weight loss and help you maintain a toned and sculpted figure.

The various range of poses improve your flexibility and strengthens your core muscles. Additionally, people who practise yoga enjoy better moods and are often more composed, less irritable and high on energy.

It has also been observed that regular yoga practise eases as well as helps you endure pain and stress better. Let us see in detail about the benefits of yoga every day.

Benefits of Yoga

Correct posture

Daily yoga helps correct your posture, causing you to walk taller and sit up more upright at your desk. Aches and pains prompted by wrong body posture such as back pain can also be relieved.

Improve flexibility and mobility

You don’t have to be super stretchy and flexible to practise yoga; the advantage of yoga is that it can be practised at all levels of capability. A few minutes a day, practising postures like the downward-facing dog or the warrior will quickly make you actually feel the difference in your flexibility, whether you’re somewhat bendy already or not.

Build strength

When thinking of advancing your fitness, most of us imagine huffing and puffing away at the gym. But weights are not solely the means to work out. Regular yoga practice will improve your stretch and tone your body muscles. Familiar poses like the plank together work on strengthening your legs, shoulders, arms and abs.

Weight loss

You don’t need to practice Hot Yoga or be capable to bend double in a yoga pose to drop weight. Daily gentle yoga practises will stimulate the metabolic system and will assist in burning fat, beginning to weight loss. Regular yoga can also help repair the hormonal balance in your body, which can normalise your body weight.

Increase your energy

Another profit of yoga is that much-needed energy hike in our busy lives that it gives to help keep us active for longer. Yoga, with its unusual synergy of breath and body-work, is perfect when your supplies are running low.

Regular yoga practice will stimulate the primary energy centres (called chakras) in your body. Excellent poses for extra energy are those that stretch the spine, such as the tree pose, providing energy to flow throughout the whole body and postures that unfold the chest, like the cobra pose, boosting the absorption of more breath.

Support your immune system

Yoga benefits in lowering the levels of stress hormones in your body and calming the nervous system. Recent research showed that daily practice reduces chronic inflammation in the body by dropping the level of pro-inflammatory markers, such as cytokines.

Promote self-awareness

Levels of cortisol, the hormone that is discharged in response to stress will be reduced, attending to less overeating. Regular yoga also stimulates the overall mind-body connection and supports you to deal more effectively with bothersome emotions rather than approaching for food to overcome those feelings.

Reduce stress

Many workplaces now provide lunch-time yoga sessions because it’s been revealed that yoga is a great stress buster. Any yoga practice, even a quick daily one, should be composed up of three elements; poses, breathing and meditation.

Studies have revealed that those people who regularly practice all three elements are correctly able to manage their heart-rate variability (HRV). This usually means that their heart rate is lower, providing the body with the strength to respond to stress in a more manageable way.

Sleep better

Are you coping with very much of stress that it’s holding you awake at night? Researches have explained that practising daily yoga can decrease insomnia.

When encountering insomnia, practise relaxing postures or asanas, such as forward fold (uttanasana) or reclining on your back with your feet up the wall. 

Better all-round fitness

Yoga provides you with all that a gym can, but in a quiet, safe and more holistic form. It blends aspects of functional, cardio and strength training all in one. What more could you demand? The most helpful part about this workout is that it can be performed at your own pace, in your own home.

While many of these can be backed by science, most people have seen significant improvement in their health and lifestyle by practising yoga.

People from across the world come to India to learn yoga, enjoy its practice, some even settle down here because of the satisfaction it gives. The practise of power yoga is becoming increasingly popular. It’s worth it, why don’t you give it a try?

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