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Dosha Dreams: What are They?

Soul kshetra  Wellness Clinic

Soul kshetra Wellness Clinic

  Aecs layout, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Dreams allow us to take a look at our inner psyche. We all dream, some we remember, some we not. Dreams are essentially what our minds show us when we are not telling them what to do. Dreams can be very perceptive for finding out about our true calling, what is troubling and what we need to work on.

All doshas don’t dream the same. Dosha means energy in Ayurveda. Vatta is the wind type, Pitta is fire and Kapha is Earth.

Dosha and Dreams

  • The most imaginative dreams, often of feeling, flying or abstract imagery are Vata Dosha.
  • Pittas dreams are very realistic, sometimes even problem-solving or adventurous.
  • Kaphas often do not remember their dreams at all.

Vata Dreams

It is deeply connected with the dream-world and their subconscious state. Dreams are related to the Vata dosha because the hours of 2-6 am are Vata hours in the Ayurvedic cycle. According to science also, our REM cycles become deeper the longer we sleep. In fact, we get most of our REM sleep stages during Vata hours. This makes us have vivid dreams that Vatas almost always remember. If you wake up and remember all your dreams, you definitely have Vata in your mind.

 Pitta Dreams

It is a fiery, perfectionist Dosha that is always working on solving issues and taking action. Pitta dreams are realistic, adventurous and often trying to solve a problem. By nature, pittas are very goal-oriented and this translates into their dreams.  If you have dreams that are extremely real, a random situation that may actually happen, then that is pitta. They can be really helpful in helping you determine what the next step is for any problems you may face.

Kapha dreams

It is very steady, grounding Dosha that is very tuned to Earth energy. Sometimes they are so grounded that they cannot even remember their dreams. They are deep sleepers and may wake up with slight recollections of the dream world but may be unable to really put a grasp on what the dream was. Their energy is more stored in their bodies and less in their upper intuitive chakras. If you wake up and really cannot remember anything that is a sign of a Kapha imbalance in the mind.

Reoccurring Dreams

If your dreams reoccur, look deep within and think about what each person, animal and situation signify. Every dream is a representative of a deeper theme in your life.

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