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Eczema in children

Dr. Asmita Dhekne  Chebbi

Dr. Asmita Dhekne Chebbi

  Btm 1st stage, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Psoriasis is a skin disorder that can last a lifetime and has no definite cure to it. And discovering psoriasis in children can cause worry to parents. People affected by this disease develop red and scaly parts in their skin. These patches often become worse with time and there is no definite cure for it. Plaque and guttate psoriasis are the most common types of it.   


  • Raised patches of skin often covered with whitish silvery scales which are often mistaken for diaper rashes in infants.  

  • Dry and cracked skin accompanied with occasional bleeding.  

  • The patches are itchy, painful and cause discomfort.  

  • Symmetrical patches.  

  • The patches do not heal with time or on their own.  

  • Thick fingernails that develop ridges.  

  • Red areas in the folds of skin.  


Even after lots of research, the cause of psoriasis cannot be pinpointed yet. However, there is a general consensus that following factors trigger it: 

  • Psoriasis is transmitted genetically and not much can be done about it.  

  • Extreme levels of stress.  

  • Infection in the throat or upper respiratory system.  

  • Reaction to a certain medication can also trigger it.  


Treatments are currently limited to provide relief and prevent further flares.  

  • Tropical treatments: it is the most common treatment prescribed for mild to moderate psoriasis. Many medicated ointments, creams, and lotions are prescribed which need to be applied more than once a day. This form of treatment has minimal side effects.  

  • Light therapy: artificial, natural, and laser light therapies are also helpful. Do not do this without consultation with your doctor otherwise, it may worsen the symptoms.  

  • Medications: Pills, shots, or IV medications can also be prescribed.  However, this is not prescribed as the first treatment as it can have a wide variety of side effects.  

  • Combination of above treatments along with lifestyle changes can be planned depending on the condition of the child and the severity of the disease.  

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