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First Period after Delivery: Questions That You’ve Been Wanting to Ask

Dr Sahana K P

Dr Sahana K P

  Basaveshwaranagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


After the anticipation of your bundle of joy, there comes another anticipation, your periods. The first period post-delivery is one of the most important moments in a women’s life.  Menstruation, and especially the first period after delivery, tells a lot about the women’s reproductive health. Therefore, the new mums are often very eager to get the answers to few questions regarding it.

For all the new mothers there here are few of the questions and answers that you are eager to know:

1.  When Should I Expect The First Period After Pregnancy?

No doubt, that a lot of factors like stress, disease, health issues, hormonal level etc. play an important role in postponing the periods but the most important factor is lactation. Prolactin is the milk-producing hormone in humans. It inhibits the ovulation process hence, breastfeeding mothers get their period 6–8 months after delivery.

2. What If I Don’t Breastfeed? Will I Get My Periods?

Yes, you will.

As mentioned earlier lactation is the key here. If you have been bottle-feeding your baby completely then expect your periods one month after childbirth. This is because the prolactin levels of the mother return to the pre-pregnancy levels within 2–3 weeks of childbirth.

3. I Have Been Bleeding/ Spotting For Few Days After Delivery, Does This Mean That I Got My Period?

No, this is not period, it is called lochia. It is a normal discharge where your body is getting rid of that extra blood, mucus, and uterine tissue. This can continue up to 4-6 weeks, therefore, do not confuse it with your usual period.

4. How Can My Period Be Different Postpartum?

Remember, during pregnancy your body has gone through a lot. Therefore, there is a chance that your first period after delivery won’t be the same as before. You may experience some of the following differences:

  • heavier flow
  • cramping can be stronger or lighter than usual
  • small blood clots accompanied with bleeding
  • the flow seems to stop and start abruptly
  • sometimes intense pain can be experienced
  • irregular cycle lengths
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