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Homeopathy and Anxiety

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Many people do not take anxiety to be a serious disorder and overlook the problems it can create in the day to day life. You may cancel important appointments at the last minute, have panic attacks often, or feel uneasy in crowded places and a thousand things more which can prove costly in many fields of life. And therefore it is very important to treat anxiety and not just let it be.

Out of the many medications and therapies out there, homeopathy is your best bet as it has proven quite effective in the treatment of anxiety without any harmful side effects.

Homeopathic remedies to cure anxiety:

The following medicines are commonly used to treat anxiety:

Aconite napellus: It is the best remedy to treat sudden panic and agitation, restlessness, and fear. The attack may be so intense at times that the person may feel near death, with heart palpitations, dry mouth etc.

Argentum nitricum: In case of apprehensions and strange imaginings, and when many what if thoughts arise in mind, argentum nitricium is the correct remedy. Besides the person may also feel a sense of hurriedness, sugar cravings etc.

Gelsemium: People who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks in crowded places, or have stage fright which causes anxiety, gelsemium is the correct choice. It also works great for people who get anxious during exams or interviews.

Kali arsenicosum: People who are a bit too much concerned about health and worry about life-threatening diseases like stroke etc, may also get panic attacks due to the constant fear that something bad may happen. Kali arsenicosum is also useful for panic attacks just before going to bed.

Calcarea carbonica: People who have a fear of change and of losing control, or get tired easily upon minimal physical exertion, or those with fear of the dark, spiders etc are prescribed this homeopathic remedy.

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