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Homeopathy for Increasing Breast Milk

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Mother’s milk is the most safe and the best food for infants and is one of the best natural nutritional source for the infants and also it strengthens the immunity and enhances memory and the IQ. Because of some underlying issues some mothers will not be able to supply this nutritional need for the infant. That could be various reasons like hormonal or endocrinal like the hypothyroidism or if the mother is on some contraceptive pills or some infections or diabetes the production of milk comes down drastically.

 It can also be because of certain psychological reasons like anger, fear, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition. All these could lead to conditions where in the breast milk production comes down. The management can vary and it has to be dealt individually because the reasons also is varied. The management can be household tips like using fenugreek, cumin seeds and also garlic and in some conditions even drumstick leaves prepared in ghee is also given and proved to be very beneficial. Dal with kichdi is one of the source of high protein. This also can be administered. Care has to be given in fluid intake. 

Fluid intake has to be adequate and also the nutritional level has to be maintained. When all these have been covered and in spite of that woman does not respond to that then medicines can also be helpful. Medicines in ayurveda like the shathavarigulam, ashvagandharasayanam, panchamoola kashayams, dhanwandharam pill, dhanwandharam kashayam all these have proven to be very effective.

Homeopathy for Increasing Breast Milk

  • Pulsatilla
  • Ricinus communis

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