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Homeopathy for painful menstruation

Dr Karagada Sandeep

Dr Karagada Sandeep

  Jayanagar, Bengaluru     May 15, 2019

   1 min     


A large number of women face painful and excruciating menstruation. It is estimated that over half of the women worldwide go through difficulty, pain, and uneasiness during menstruation. Though there are various remedies for pain alleviation, most of them only have a temporary effect and do not cure the problem permanently. However, homeopathic medicines can be very effective for the treatment of menstrual pain, without any side effects. Some common homeopathic medicines for painful menstruation are:

1. Belladonna:

It is one of the most popular choices for women undergoing menstrual pain. Especially in cases when the symptoms suddenly appear and disappear, and are accompanied by a feeling of heat, belladonna is the preferred choice. Also, in cases when the menstruation has started too early or is accompanied by symptoms like photosensitivity, restlessness, etc. belladonna is prescribed.

2. Cocculus:

This homeopathic remedy is useful when the woman has a cramping pain in the abdomen, accompanied by dizziness or weakness. Cocculus is also prescribed when there is difficulty in sleeping and the affected person feels ill or numb.

3. Chamomilla:

Chamomilla is used when the person’s mood is very sensitive and pain is intolerable. If there is a heavy menstrual flow, and the pain is very extreme and gets worse in the night or on exposure to wind, chamomilla is effective for treatment.

4. Nux vomica:

One of the most popular homeopathic remedies, nux vomica is prescribed when the affected person feels irritable, impatient, and chilly. The menstrual flow starts too early, and lasts long, and is often accompanied by heavy cramping, sometimes throughout the body.

5. Cactus grandifolia:

If the flow tends to be clotted, and the pain unbearable and throbbing, cactus grandifolia is prescribed. There is also an unbearable pain in the region surrounding the ovaries.  

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