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How to do Surya Namaskar?

The Nivesaa Studio

The Nivesaa Studio

  Indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   2 min     


Sun is the source of life and living would be impossible without it. The surya namskar is an ancient practice of praying to the sun and expressing gratitude. The solar plexus is the central point of our body and it said that this point is connected to the sun. It is believed that practicing surya namsakar everyday enhances the solar plexus which enhances creativity and intuition.

  • The prayer pose

Stand up keeping your feet together such that your weight is equally balanced. Relax your shoulders and as you breathe in, bring your palms in front of your chest and take the prayer position.

  • Raised prayer pose

Breathe in and lift your arms, stretching the entire from the feet to your fingers. Push your pelvis forward and reach up with your fingers, maintaining the prayer pose but with a stretched body.

  • Hand to feet

Breathe out and bend forward and bring your hands down to the floor between your feet and always ensure your spine erect.

  • Leg stretch

Push your right leg back while breathing in bringing your right knee to the floor while you keep your head up.

  • Straight line pose

Breathe in and take your left leg also back bringing your entire body into a straight line with your arms balancing the body.

  • 8 points pose

Slowly bring down both the knees to the floor and gently your chest and chin too. So, at this point 8 parts of your body should be in contact with the floor- your hands, feet, knees, chest and chin.

  • The cobra pose

Raise your head and chest sliding forward. Ensure you are stretching your maximum without forcing yourself. When you inhale gently push your chest forward and while you exhale gently push your navel down.

  • Inverted V

Now, breathe out while lifting your hip and tailbone up keeping your hands on the floor, increasing your stretch to look like an inverted V.

  • Raised hips

Breathe in and bring your right foot between the hands while your left knee is down towards the floor. Try gently pushing your hips towards the floor to extend the stretch.

  • Relaxing

Keeping your palm to the floor, bring the left foot also in to join both the feet. Then slowly raise your arms to stretch your fingers to the top. Gently relax the body and return to the prayer pose.

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