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Is It Bad to Dye your Hair If You have Psoriasis?

Dr. Asmita Dhekne  Chebbi

Dr. Asmita Dhekne Chebbi

  Btm 1st stage, Bengaluru     Apr 24, 2019

   1 min     


Dyeing your hair can cause problems if you have scalp psoriasis. But taking a few steps before, during and after applying hair dye can prevent complications.

Psoriasis affects the scalp, rather than the hair and with a little preparation, a person can keep styling their hair as usual after developing psoriasis. However, the chemicals in some dyes can irritate the scalp.

Risks of Dyeing the Hair during a Flare-ups

Scalp become inflamed and extra sensitive when psoriasis flare-up but with a little preparation, you can style your hair as usual after developing psoriasis. In some cases, a rash can break out on top of psoriasis. Also, symptoms of a flare-up can cause the hair to clump together, which interferes with the dyeing process.

Tips for Protecting the Scalp

  • Talk to the stylist: Almost all stylists are familiar with psoriasis but you can explain your condition if necessary. Tell them if you have any sensitivity to specific products and discuss the options.
  • Test a spot first: check whether the product irritates a small area of the scalp or neck. Wait for an about 24 hours to have an effect.
  • Use medicated treatments beforehand: Apply the medication which is prescribed by a doctor for the treatment before dyeing the hair.
  • Use petroleum jelly to protect the skin: Apply petroleum jelly to the forehead, ears, neck, and other areas that may accidentally be exposed to dye.
  • Bring products from home: It is good to take your own products which suits your skin.
  • Request Gentle Treatment: Ask the stylist to avoid firm brushes, which can scrape the scalp, and minimize friction and heat.

Tips to Prevent Flare-ups

  • Gently brush your hair to avoid skin irritation which can cause flare-ups.
  • Don’t use rollers and curling irons as they can tug on the hair or burn the scalp.
  • Opt for loose hairstyles as tight hairstyles can irritate the scalp and trigger psoriasis symptoms.
  • Avoid dyes that contain PPD as it irritates the skin.
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