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Right kind of food for fitness enthusiasts

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural

  Bommanahalli, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   6 min     



I’m a fitness freak. I eat healthily and work out regularly. These foods have worked out very well for me, and I hope they work for you as well.

Before I get into it in detail, let us discuss a little about why it is important to eat healthy while going on a fitness journey.

For starters, foods are your basic source of energy. It is what provides us with macronutrients that are later broken down and converted to energy, which will be stored in the mitochondria.

But you can't just go on eating any type of food. The food you consume must be healthy and have the appropriate amount of carbohydrates (both simple and complex), protein, and fats.

If you are someone who eats a lot of junk food and suddenly begins exercises, the results are going to take a while to show, as you are only doing half the job.

Work with a dietician and your gym instructor and come with a proper diet and exercise plan that can co-exist together and help you become fitter and healthier.

What to Consume if You Work Out a Lot

Now let us learn a little bit about what you must consume and how it will help your body in the long run.


Water is one of the most important components that we all need to have in plenty. It is important to keep our body hydrated. Not only this, water boosts your metabolism and fills you up so much that you would want to stay away from unnecessary carbs. Many researchers have discovered that if you drink 17 ounces of water that can speed up the metabolic rate by 30%. Just start your day with a glass of water and then get on to your fitness routine.

Rolled Oatmeal

Oatmeal is loaded with nutrients and fibre, and it helps in cutting down bad cholesterol as well. It’s the best carb that keeps the stomach full and therefore helps you to stay away from extra helpings. Oatmeal is every fitness enthusiast’s favourite food. You can consume oatmeal with pears and apples. Both of them are loaded with nutrients and fibres. Also, they fulfil my craving for sugar.

You can avoid adding extra sugar to oatmeal because you can get enough of it from apples and pears. Apples and pears keep the stomach full. It also helps you stay away from unhealthy snacks until it’s time for another healthy meal.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

To boost your metabolic rate, peppers are one of the very healthy foods to eat. They contain a chemical compound that makes the body release stress hormones which are known as capsaicin. When stress hormones release, the metabolic rate shoots up and gets you in real calorie-burning mode.

Low-fat Yogurt

Yoghurt has loads of calcium and friendly bacteria, acidophilus. You can get 450mg of calcium and 12gms of protein in An 8-ounce low-fat yoghurt dish.

There are many other nutrients as well in yoghurt. Yoghurt is superb for the stomach, and it keeps the digestive tract in good shape, and that is what every fitness enthusiast wants.

 Lean Turkey or Lean Chicken

Remember, turkey is tougher to chew than chicken. However, 1-ounce of a turkey breast serving (minus the skin) gives you 120 calories and 26 grams of protein and no saturated fat. Skinless chicken is another most healthy food to eat.


Soup is very nutritious, healthy, and it suppresses our appetite. Try to have soup for lunch three times a week. It fills you up and makes you eat a little less of the main dish.

You can get the nutrition and a fully filled stomach by adding soup in your diet as it has got some solids in it and a bowl of soup contains very few calories. 


These are few healthy foods to eat. They have helped me keep going to my fitness routine, and I hope this work for you as well. Enjoy eating..!

We all know exercising and working out will help you feel better about yourself. But exercise alone cannot do everything.

In order to exercise, you need proper fuel for the body. You need to eat the right food and have a proper diet. Only if you do all of it together, will you actually succeed in your goal of being fit.

Everyone needs to remember that if you need quick results for your workout, you also need the appropriate fuel for your body. That fuel is food. 

Skipping your food means, you won't experience any results as fast as you would want it to. Your diet and exercise regime go hand in hand. Taking the right food with the maximum amount of nutrients before a workout, will ensure two things: Maximum performance during your workout and minimised muscle damage.

In the end, your body will develop and build muscles, and you will recover in 24 hours, and not just the gym. 

The above foods are what works for me, but you must know that it changes from people to people. What works for me may not work for you. Just see to that you consume the right amount of nutrients and vitamins and other minerals. 

You also need to pay attention as to when you are consuming your food. If you are the type of person who prefers having a pre-workout meal, see to it that you consume it at least 2-3 hours before working out. 

But let's say you forgot your pre-workout meal, and you have no time to make a big meal. Then you can go for snack portions and have it 45 minutes before your daily gym time.

Notice how the timing of your food intake affects you as a whole in terms of the energy you have, the pain, and how long your muscles take to recover. 

All this while you might have been the person who ate 30 minutes before you hit the treadmill, but when you give your body more time to digest, the overall workout feels better.

You can also play around with different diets and different combination of foods, along with time at which you consume these foods and find out what works better for you.

In the end, you’ll always know the type of meal to have, especially if you are someone who works out a lot.

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