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Safe Fruit for Diabetic Patients

Bangalore Diabetes Centre & Diagnostic Lab

Bangalore Diabetes Centre & Diagnostic Lab

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 23, 2017

   3 min     



Glycemic index (GI) of food determines how its carbohydrate content affects the blood sugar levels. Scores below 55 are low, 56-69 average and above 70 are categorized as high. A low GI score is good for the body as it has very less impact on blood sugar levels. 

Fruits that have a low GI score

Here are some fruits that have low GI scores which makes them a good option for diabetic patients:

  1. Cherries: Packed with antioxidants, cherries are a good boost for the immune system. Since they are seasonal, canned cherries are also good as long as they are not packed in added sugars.

  2. Grapefruit: Has 100% of the required Vitamin C intake but in-case you are taking prescription medications, have a word with your doctor before consumption.

  3. Apricots: Fresh apricots may be hard to get so, dried ones are good to go too as they have the right amounts of carbohydrates and are packed with Vitamins and minerals.

  4. Pears: With the peel on, they are a great source of required daily fiber intake.

  5. Apples: Good not just for your fiber intake but also feeds the healthy gut bacteria in the body.

  6. Oranges: Healthy fiber content and a good source of vitamin C.

  7. Plums: Fresh plums would ideally be the best but if you are taking them in the dried form, reduce the quantity as they have higher GI scores.

  8. Strawberries: Not just these but blueberries, black and raspberries are all a perfect serving of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants.

  9. Peaches: Packed with vitamins like A and C they have 10 required vitamins loaded in them.

  10. Raspberries: They are also high in fiber which can reduce high blood sugar. These berries are surprisingly low in sugar given their sweet taste. 

Worst fruits for diabetics

No fruit is "the worst." All fruit delivers fiber and nutrients and can be part of a healthy diet. However, bananas, pineapples, and mangoes get a bad rap for their higher sugar content compared to berries. Some worst fruits for diabetics to avoid are:

  1. Pineapple: Fresh pineapple is delicious and sweet, especially when it's very ripe, which makes it a high glycemic index food. Depending on how you slice it, the thickness and width can change the number of carbohydrates and make it easy to overeat too.
  2. Mango: Ever eat an entire mango in one sitting? You are not alone. Depending on the size, an entire mango will cost you about 30 grams of carbohydrates and about 26 grams of sugar. If you do eat mango, make sure to limit your portion to 1/2 and aim to eat it when it's a bit more firm. As the mango softens, it becomes riper and its glycemic index—the rate at which it can increase blood sugar—will rise. 
  3. Banana: You may have heard that bananas are too sweet. It's not that bananas are sweeter than other fruit choices. Rather, one medium banana contains the same amount of carbohydrate in two servings of another fruit choice, such as one small piece of fruit or 3/4 cup of blueberries.
  4. Dried Fruits: Dry fruits for diabetic patients, especially varieties that have been coated in yoghurt, chocolate or sugar contains a large number of carbohydrates for a small portion. Two tablespoons of raisins have the same amount of carbohydrate as one cup of raspberries or one small piece of fruit. Replace dried fruit with fresh fruit to add volume to your meal plan and reduce the sugar content.
  5. Fruit Juice: Unless you are experiencing hypoglycemia, fruit juice (even 100 per cent fruit juice) should be avoided. Think about how many oranges it takes to make one cup of juice—many more than one. The body doesn't have to do a great deal of work to break down the sugar in juice, therefore it is metabolized quickly and raises blood sugars within minutes.

You must check your blood sugar levels and have a word with your doctor to understand which ones are best suited for you.

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