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Side-Effects of Birth Control Pills

Dr. Kamela Khalid

Dr. Kamela Khalid

  Mosque road, Bengaluru     Jan 25, 2017

   1 min     


Oral contraception is a form of birth control that prevents pregnancy with the help of hormones present in the pill. These pills basically prevent ovulation, which means there are no eggs for the sperm to fertilize.

There are different types of pills from every day to 21 days and the morning after. Each contains synthetic forms of oestrogen, progesterone or both in required balance. Although very effective in birth control, these pills do not protect one from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and they do have certain side effects.

Side effects of contraceptive pills

  • The changes in hormonal levels by the pills cause vaginal bleeding and inter-menstrual spotting. This is common between expected dates of your period as the uterus is trying to adjust to the pill.
  • In some women, the pill causes mild nausea
  • These pills often cause breast enlargement and tenderness
  • Depending on the dosage of the pill, the hormones may trigger mild to severe headaches and migraines
  • Sometimes, the pills cause fluid retention when results in weight gain especially around the hips and breasts
  • Hormones have an impact on one’s mental state. The pills could trigger depression, mood swings and emotional changes
  • The hormonal changes along with stress, travel etc. can sometimes result in missed periods.
  • In some cases the pill causes a decrease in one’s libido
  • The pills may cause excess dryness increasing the need for lubrication and it may also cause changes in vaginal discharge

It is strongly recommended that you consult you gynaecologist before you get on the pill as it is not advised for many people who have a history of certain health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and some who are on certain medications.

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