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Teach your child tables manners

Medikoe Fitness Expert

Medikoe Fitness Expert

  Indira nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Tell your child “it's dinner time, let’s go to the dining table”.

  • Instruct him to wash his hands before every meal or snacks.
  • Make your child sit properly on his chair. Instruct him to sit back and not hunch over his plate with wrist and forearm can rest on the table or he can place his hand on his lap.
  • Make sure the child does not keep his bag or toy on the table.                        
  • If prayers are a part of your dinner time routine, explain to your child what you are doing (use visual cards). 
  • Tell your child that once the prayer is finished then it will be time to eat, but while praying there is to be no talking or eating and that he should sit quietly.
  • Tell your child it’s time to serve and start serving food. Explain to your child that it is polite to wait for everyone to be served before beginning to eat, and then model that behaviour for your child.
  • Teach your child to say ‘thank you’ when served something.

Start introducing your child to new foods from an early age.

  • Make sure his food is cut up in small pieces.
  • Instruct your child in the proper use of utensils. 
  • You can help him in holding and using utensils properly.
  • Instruct your child to chew with his mouth closed and not to talk with his mouth full. Teach him manners like no spilling and spitting while eating.    
  • When your child is done eating, make sure he remains seated until you say “it’s ok/time to get up”.It may be hard for your child to sit until everyone finish eating, hence do not insist that he sits through entire meal. Instead introduce the etiquette of excusing himself.
  • Show him how to bring his plate, cup and utensils over to the sink and tell him to wash his hands and to dry his hands by using towel.
  • Show appreciation as your child tries to eat at the table. Make sure you praise him if he tries to learn table manners as you teach him.

General suggestions

  • Teaching table manners is not something you can do all of a sudden; it’s a process that takes time. You will have best results if you start at a very young age. 
  • Parent’s role modelling helps children learn skill. Use good table manners yourself, Children learn what they see.                                                  
  • Introduce table manners in your dinner time routine. Family dinner time is a great opportunity to share existing events and news.
  • Encourage to your child to eat slowly and not to stuff his mouth with food.
  • Prevent in appropriate behaviour like blowing bubbles in his milk, launching peas at his baby sister-remove the item in question and tell him if he keeps it up he will no longer be able to sit at the table like a big boy.
  • Focus on teaching in a way that your child doesn’t become overwhelmed and confused.
  • Teach your child to set a proper table. Show him where the napkin and utensils go in relation to the plate or bowl. Once he has mastered it, make it his responsibility to the table as a way of contributing to running a smooth household.
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