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What are Black Eyes?

Dr. Leslie Ravi Kumar

Dr. Leslie Ravi Kumar

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Black eye refers to the bruising of the tissue under the skin of the eye. Due to the bruising of the tissue, the area affected looks bluish-black in color which is because the capillaries bust and release blood. It causes pain, headache, and even difficulty in opening the eye.


If the eye gets stuck by a ball, a door, a fist, or any other rigid object.

Some particular dental surgeries can also cause black eyes.

Cosmetic surgeries.

Head injuries or fractures can also cause black eyes.


The darkening of the skin under one or both eyes is the most noticeable symptom.

There may also be swelling in the affected area.

It may also cause pain on touching.

Even without touching, there may be pain while smiling or change in facial expressions.

Black eyes also, often cause headache.

It is also accompanied with problems in vision, like blurriness etc.


Though black eyes disappear on their own within a few days, here are a few remedies that you can use for instant relief:

Applying ice packs frequently helps to ease pain and swelling.

After the first two days, apply a warm compress to the affected area.

Place the head higher than the rest of the body while sleeping.

Paracetamol or tylenol can be used to reduce pain.

These home remedies should suffice to treat black eyes. However if the symptoms and pain does not go away, it is advisable to visit a specialist. In some cases, the black eye can also be a part of some complication like a head injury and immediate medical care is a must in such cases.

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